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Kachikwu to deliver Keynote address at the Brandzone’s Energy conference

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, will be delivering the keynote address at this year’s Brand Innovation #LightupNigeria Energy Conference...

The Minister of State for Pretroleum Resources Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu PHOTO: TWITTER/NNPC

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, will be delivering the keynote address at this year’s Brand Innovation #LightupNigeria Energy Conference, themed “Repositioning the Energy Sector for Growth.” The conference will be held on Tuesday May 15, 2018 at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

The annual Brand Innovation Conference is organised by Brandzone Consulting LLC, a globally affiliated organissation reputed for building and managing some of the best of Nigerian I international brands across diverse sectors, including oil and gas, banking, automobile, hospitality and technology.

The Light Up Nigeria Conference Advisory Board and Conference Chairperson is Tonye Cole, Executive Director & Co-Founder Sahara Energy Group. Other key industry thought leaders confirmed as Speakers at the upcoming conference include Mr. Gabriel Ogbechie, Managing Director CEO, Rainoil Nigeria Limited, Mrs. Nkechi Obi, Vice Chairperson, Techno Oil, Prof. Joe Ezigbo Founder and CEO, Falcon Corporation, Enggnr. Dada Thomas, President Nigeria Gas Association and Founder/CEO, Frontier oil Limited, Mr Yomi Awobokun, CEO, Enyo Retail Oil and Gas, and other Chief Executive Officers of highly reputable Energy, Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria including the International Operating Companies (IOC).

The Brand Innovation Conference in its fifth year, is an annual multi-sector Thought Leadership Series created by Brandzone Consulting LLC. The conference gathers industry thought leaders, global leaders, technocrats, government policy makers, economic experts, investors, regulators and experts from diverse sectors and industries annually. So far, the yearly event has become a platform for the dissemination of accurate and beneficial narrative around the Conference focus area. This year’s conference is primarily focused on the Nigerian Energy sector.

The Energy sector has a pivotal role to play in illuminating the nation, Nigeria. Besides exploration, production and distribution, new players have moved into other sub-sectors such as power generation, transmission and distribution. These companies are obligated by regulation to increase generation of electricity to meet the energy needs of the various sectors of the economy. In addition, both the Liquefied Natural Gas and the Liquefied Petroleum Gas subsectors are rapidly growing with the continuous embrace of and new global laws promoting clean energy. There is recorded growth in the renewable energy market with its adoption as a key solution for tackling the global challenges of climate change and a cost-effective solution for developed and developing countries including Nigeria. Today, both local and multi-national companies in Nigeriajuihknjhu are providing solutions such as solar powered electricity for use in both domestic and public areas.

Energy is critical to powering corporations, businesses, infrastructural projects and homes. Strong corporate strategy, sound systems, structures, processes and deep capacity would lead to the success of the sector. This includes building strong indigenous Energy brands that can stand at par with global corporations.

The positive outlook of the Nigerian economy and the recorded growth in the Energy sector in 2017 dictates that the Energy industry is strategically repositioned. With the emerging growth opportunities within the sector, comes the need to increasingly grow local capacity, develop skills, drive scale and build stronger Energy brands. The Energy sector is requireds to re-position to play a more dominant role as a development and growth catalyst for the economy, investors, businesses and individuals. The sector would therefore benefit from effective integration of opportunities across the sector value chain, development of strong strategic frameworks around every tenet of business, consolidation of knowledge, skills, experiences and expertise to maximize the industry growth potentials.

The Light Up Nigeria conference is designed to draw industry experts across the various sub-sectors to share insights and knowledge on industry growth topics, collaborate and deliberate on timely relevant issues that would help to unlock opportunities for growth in power generation, transmission and distribution. It is structured to stimulate the downstream sector growth, drive energy availability through increased natural gas optimization, and the provision of power to enterprises. It would also explore the opportunities in building strong Energy Bbrands as a lever for overall sector growth and national development. As Nigeria’s most influential industry conference, the annual Brand Innovation Conference is a transformational platform that leverages its extensive network of experienced and accomplished speakers for knowledge sharing, proffer solution to issues of national and economic development while building a networking platform that fosters collaboration and growth.

Speaking on the conference, Chizor Malize, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of , and Convener of the Light Up Nigeria Energy Conference noted “Energy plays a crucial role in the economic growth, progress, and development, as well as poverty eradication and security of any nation. Uninterrupted energy supply is a vital issue for all countries today. Future economic growth depends largely on the long-term availability of energy from sources that are affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly. As Nigerian indigenous companies play more dominant roles within the Energy sector, branding becomes more crucial in strengthening their operations. Therefore, the sector needs to birth multiplicity of strong brands in today’s challenging markets. Globally more and more businesses are either joining forces with other brands or acquiring new brands to strengthen their portfolio and broaden capacity. In order to attract and or be attracted to investment opportunities, branding is key as it clearly communicates the strength and potentials of anny enterprise.””.

The structure of the energy markets is undergoing profound changes in many countries around the world and that includes Nigeria. The industry faces peculiar challenges that may impede growth such as commoditization, global competition and uncertainty with regulatory and government oversight.

The conference is focused on achieving collective intelligence hinged on collection and documentation of fresh knowledge and insights. Therefore, the event will kick off with a Keynote address and Pplenary sessions with resource and faculty drawn from the diverse industries within the Energy sector public and private. In addition to the plenary sessions, the Light Up Nigeria Conference is designed to have an exhibition of top industry players from various subsectors such as the downstream, power, renewable energy including, solar, hydro carbon, and petrochemical.
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