Thursday, 20th January 2022
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12 home entertaining tips for the season 

It is party season and time for visitors to come over to merry. If you are anxious, do not fret because here are some tips that will ensure you are prepared...

It is party season and time for visitors to come over to merry. If you are anxious, do not fret because here are some tips that will ensure you are prepared, you have fun, and are the perfect host to your guest no matter the size of the party.

•. Make a list of guest you are inviting; this may set the tone for what kind of get together you want. Is your living space big enough to accommodate your guest? Do you have pots big enough for bulk cooking? Would you be making the food or outsource to caterers? Will you be catering to mostly adults or will kids be invited? The guest list will determine all of this.

• Create a menu and make sure to make a list of the ingredients you have and what you need to stock up on. Make a list of everything you need and check it twice. Play safe with meals and practice prior if you are going to try something new. Find a fool-proof recipe that you can use. Try to come up with a menu that is not complicated; there are always party favorites like Samosa’s , Spring rolls, Asun, Gizdodo , Puff Puff and more when it comes to canapés.

• If you are looking for creative food ideas so that you can offer your guest something different, think back to your times visiting restaurants. What was your favorite starter? What did you enjoy the most? Is it something you can replicate? You can always look online for similar recipes.

• You do not have to cook all the meals yourself, you can order some from caterers, perhaps the “small chops” (because you need to make a lot) and some supermarkets sell premade salads and packaged food which you can add to your menu. With a few tweaks, you can garnish a plain salad from the supermarket with homemade dressing or more vegetables.

• Keep your home clean and smelling nice, remove cobwebs and wipe surfaces. Make sure your guest toilet is clean, scented and stocked with extra tissue, wipes and hand towels because it will be getting a lot of traffic.

• Create space for your guests to move around. If you have fragile items placed around your home, you can store them away to avoid getting them accidentally knocked over (these things happen). Clear counter tops to get a cleaner feel.

• Take stock of all your plates, cutlery, cups, serving bowls and crockery in general. Do you have enough to serve your guest (check the list)? If you are not having a formal dinner, it is best to stock up on disposable cups, spoons, plates, trays and more. You have no fear of them breaking during the event and you don’t have to wash up after, just toss in the bin.

• Give yourself enough time to prepare to host your guest. There are some meals like chicken that make require marinating overnight, some that have to be served hot so they don’t go bad and can be made few hours before guest arrive and some you can make earlier in the day or days before and store in the fridge/freezer. Your menu will determine all of this Items like toothpicks, wine openers, bottle openers, napkins, serviettes, should be easily accessible to your guest so that they would not need to ask you and can help themselves.

• Buffet style menus are usually less stressful to organize because all you need to do is place your offerings and everyone can help themselves as they wish. You don’t need to serve each person. Drinks can be placed at strategic points especially if you do not have a bar. All you are trying to achieve is to reduce the frequency of requests you get from your guest.

• Think about what kind of entertainment you would like to offer your guests. Do you have games? Games can help to pass time between meals and are very engaging. Create a music playlist that will synchronize your evening and set a beautiful ambiance.

• Above all, if you can, keep it simple. When it comes to entertaining preparation is key-be at least 85 % ready when your guest arrive. Cook and be dressed before your first guest arrives. A flustered host is not a pretty sight and can set a stressful tone for your visitors. You want to enjoy the food and be present with your guest not bending over the cooker while they entertain themselves. Don’t stress yourself out too much, remember, you’re meant to enjoy it too. Have fun!

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