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25 must haves to become wealthy

By Lanre Olusola
19 October 2017   |   3:45 am
A very important thing to note is that true wealth is in the service to humanity. The hidden riches of secret places, is in the need of humanity. When you find a solution to a problem, the money will emerge, find a problem and solve it.

Lanre Olusola

We all desire to become wealthy but the sad truth is, no matter how much everyone desires to become wealthy, it’s not everyone that will be wealthy in his or her lifetime. Wealth is the product of your capacity to think. Money is very important, we all need it, even in the Holy Book (The Bible), and there are 250 references to wealth and money. However, it is important to note that if you love money to the detriment of your well being and relationship with others, you will always never have enough and it will eventually lead to tragedy.

A very important thing to note is that true wealth is in the service to humanity. The hidden riches of secret places, is in the need of humanity. When you find a solution to a problem, the money will emerge, find a problem and solve it.

There are three levels of individuals in this world when it comes to wealth:
Survival Level Individuals: These set of people live for just mere survival and nothing more. They are operating at the same level with creatures; creatures only live for survival.

Success Level Individuals: These set of people focus on their wants. They thrive for success solely because they want people to see them progressing. This level is a camouflage version of survival.

Significance Level Individuals: This level is made up of people of prominence or humanitarians. They live a purposeful and impactful life. Surprisingly, this set of people never dies. They live their lives and create legacies that live on forever. Observably, when these sets of people are no more, they are never referred to as “Late”. They are still alive in the consciousness of people. Great examples are: Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi.

Objective Self-Assessment Question:
If I die, will I still live on? If your answer is “NO”, you need to start to “live” now because you are simply alive, and not “living”. The day you start to “live” is the day you will never die because you will forever leave your footprint in the sand of the world.

1. You must desire to be wealthy for the right reasons.
2. You must prepare yourself to be wealthy.
3. You must declare with your mouth that you are wealthy.
4. You must think only in abundance and plenty.
5. You must have integrity and discretion.
6. You must be responsible, resilient and persistent (the three secret cocktail of success).
7. You must be trustworthy and loyal. Nobody entrusts anything to somebody that is not trustworthy and loyal.
8. You must make the right decisions and the right choices.
9. You must be enterprising and productive.
10. You must create value daily.
11. You must see and seize every opportunity that comes your way.
12. You must speak positively.
13. You must be content and satisfied. Stop unhealthy and unnecessary competition, they only drain and make you unhappy and unproductive. Because your colleagues or peers are buying new cars and changing houses doesn’t mean you should do the same especially when those things are not a priority.
“We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.” Dave Ramsey
14. You must be selfless and generous.
15. You must stay focused on God. Let your heart follow God.
16. You must live a life of gratitude and be thankful; for life and for where you are.
17. You must be innovative, creative and dynamic. Switch on your capacity to be innovative for therein lies the secret. Release your imagination!
18. You must be authentic and original. Stop copying others. Everyone is unique. Discover your own uniqueness! The REASON why you do what you do is more important than what you do.
19. You must be prudent and disciplined.
20. You must be dedicated, hardworking and committed.
21. You must have a healthy self worth, self-esteem and self-confidence.
22. You must discover your gift and your talent and believe in yourself. Put your gifts and talents into use. Your gift and talent will take you to places. The connector to your time and chance is your gift. If you despise your gift, time and chance will pass you.
23. You must be kind, have empathy and compassion.
24. You must generate and execute ideas. For every idea that comes your way, find a way to execute it with precision and excellence.
25. You must spend less than you earn!

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