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3 best sites to buy Clubhouse followers (Real and Cheap)

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10 May 2022   |   5:25 pm
We take a look at the three best sites to buy Clubhouse followers, assessed on the basis of quality, authenticity, and value for money.

With no posts, no images, no videos, and no private messaging, Clubhouse is a unique social network. But when it comes to building a successful presence on Clubhouse, the same basic rules apply as everywhere else. Social proof holds the key to getting ahead, and the number of followers you have speaks volumes for your credibility and appeal. The question is – which are the best sites to buy Clubhouse followers on the web right now?

Buying followers has been popular among Clubhouse users since the platform first went live. Followers have always been used by social media audiences to make immediate judgments about the quality and appeal of other users. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to be seen as legit – it really is as simple as that.

Best Sites to Buy Clubhouse Followers

Tracking down a place to buy Clubhouse followers is fairly straightforward. By contrast, finding 100% authentic Clubhouse followers from an online seller is another matter entirely.

Even so, there are three social media growth companies that continue to top the table where authenticity and effectiveness are concerned.


Whether looking to buy just a handful of Clubhouse followers or several thousand, we strongly recommend sticking with one of the following:

1) Media Mister

First up, Media Mister ranks among the best sites to buy Clubhouse followers with good retention rates guaranteed. The company claims that all followers are real people with active Clubhouse accounts, and they also offer Clubhouse room visitors as a separate service.

Authenticity forms the core of the Media Mister service promise, manifesting as legit Clubhouse followers that are identical to the real thing. They have geo-target service on offer from several major markets, and they accept a long list of secure payment methods – PayPal included. 


Everything is as cheap as it gets – a few examples of what’s on offer right now at Media Mister:

  • 100 Clubhouse followers for $16
  • 500 Clubhouse followers for $76
  • 2,500 Clubhouse followers for $369
  • 5,000 Clubhouse followers for $733

There’s also the option of reaching out to Media Mister’s support team directly to request custom/combined orders if looking to buy more than one product or service at the same time.

In short, Media Mister keeps it simple by focusing on what matters most – quality and authenticity. They’re also one of the longest-established names in the business, making them a safe bet to check out.

2) GetAFollower

GetAFollower operates along similar lines, pledging total commitment to authentic social signals from real people. This makes it one of the safest sites to buy Clubhouse followers, as every follower is quality-verified before being delivered.

No complaints either about the GetAFollower customer support team, which can be contacted at most hours of day and night with queries, questions, and concerns. They’re always happy to chat about what they sell, and they (repeatedly) affirm their commitment to authentic social proof.


A couple of their most popular packages right now are as follows:

  • 250 Clubhouse followers for $39
  • 1,000 Clubhouse followers for $149


Comprehensively low prices across the board, but all the more impressive when considering the money-back guarantee GetAFollower provides. They either deliver the followers you order in full and on time, or you can request a refund of the initial purchase price – nice and simple.


GetAFollower seems to have built a pretty decent track record among its past and present customers and is one of the highest-rated social proof specialists on both Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

3) Buy Real Media

Last but not least, Buy Real Media has been selling dozens of different types of social proof since way back in 2018. A great place to buy Clubhouse followers for your profile or your club, targeted followers are available from the USA, the UK, the Middle East, and more. 


Buy Real Media uses a drip-feed delivery system to add followers to profiles and clubs, ensuring total discretion from start to finish. They claim that every follower they add is a real person with an active Clubhouse account, making them as safe and effective as real followers. 


A few examples of what’s on offer as an indication of pricing at Buy Real Media:

  • 500 Clubhouse followers for $75
  • 1,000 Clubhouse followers for $150
  • 2,500 Clubhouse followers for $375


The sheer scope of what’s on offer at Buy Real Media is impressive, covering pretty much every major social network on the scene. A satisfaction guarantee also covers every sale at Buy Real Media, and the reputation they’ve built up over the past five years is solid enough. 


Why Buy Clubhouse Followers? 

The benefits of buying Clubhouse followers are more or less the same as buying followers on any other social network. Your follower count sends an immediate and impactful message about your credibility, your popularity, and your appeal.


On popular platforms like Clubhouse, you need all the followers you can get to stand out from the crowd. Followers make your output more engaging and make it easier to convince more organic followers to get on board. Getting ahead on platforms like Clubhouse without plenty of followers is practically impossible, so it simply makes sense to buy them to speed up the process.

How to Buy Clubhouse Followers? 

The logistics of buying Clubhouse followers really couldn’t be easier:


  1. The first and most important step in the process is tracking down a top-rated social media growth company you can trust. Use customer reviews and recommendations to guide your decision, and check for assurances of quality and authenticity. 
  2. Before placing your order, ensure you are 100% confident that the services on offer are legit. Under no circumstances is it advisable to buy fake followers – they could lead to your account being suspended.
  3. Check the information provided on things like shipping times, pricing, retention warranties, and whether there is a money-back guarantee in place. If you have time, reach out to their customer support team to see how they do business prior to placing your order.
  4. Choose the number of Clubhouse followers you would like to buy, along with your preferred locations for these followers (optional) and whether you want followers for your profile or your club. Enter the URL to enable the seller to find your page or profile. 
  5. Complete the online payment process and wait for the delivery process to begin, which ideally should happen no later than a few hours after placing your order.


You’ll note that at no point is it necessary to disclose any of your passwords or private login credentials. Under no circumstances should you ever share such sensitive information with a social media growth company as to do so could represent a serious security risk. 


The delivery of Clubhouse followers (and social signals in general) takes place 100% off-site, so you should never be asked to provide any of your passwords.

How to Get More Followers on Clubhouse? 

Buying followers is all well and good, but you still need to get as many organic followers as you can on board. Even if you do decide to go ahead and buy followers, you will still need to make an effort to convince people to sign up organically.

A few tips and guidelines on how to grow your Clubhouse presence organically:

1) Complete Your Bio

Anyone interested in following you will almost certainly check out your bio before hitting the ‘Follow’ button. It’s, therefore, your job to ensure that your bio is not only complete but paints a convincing picture of who you are and what you do.

2) Attend Rooms and Engage

Another great way to get new followers on board is to get into the habit of attending rooms and engaging other users as proactively as possible. Don’t make the mistake of expecting them to do the hard work on your behalf. Make an effort, join the discussion, and engage your target audience at every opportunity.

3) Host Rooms on Interesting Topics

Of course, it goes without saying that your own rooms need to concern interesting topics. But what’s important to remember is that what’s interesting to you might not be interesting to your target audience. Get to know the users you are targeting at the deepest possible level and focus on topics they will be interested in.

4) Collaborate with Popular Creators

Reaching out to other creators within your niche on a regular basis can also work wonders. Even just the occasional collaboration can be pure gold for boosting your reach and getting a tonne of new followers on board. When two creators within the same niche collaborate, it’s a win-win for all involved – and it doesn’t cost either of you a penny.

5) Follow Other Users

Last up, there will always be a degree of reciprocity where social proof is concerned. With followers, in particular, you’re far more likely to persuade people to follow you if you do the same in return. When you follow someone, they get a notification to say you’re now following them, and they might just check you out and follow you back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can You Buy Real Clubhouse Followers?

Yes, in fact, real Clubhouse followers are the only safe and effective Clubhouse followers you can buy. Under no circumstances is it worth taking chances on fake followers, as it could lead to the suspension of your account. Always seek assurances of authenticity before buying social proof.

2) Is it Safe to Buy Clubhouse Followers?

Again, yes, but only if the followers you buy are 100% legit. Every follower you buy needs to be a real person with an active and authentic account – no bots, no automation, and no fake accounts. Unless a seller can guarantee 100% authentic Clubhouse followers, you could be taking a risk by buying them.

3) How Much Does it Cost to Buy Clubhouse Followers?

High-quality Clubhouse followers can be purchased for less than $20, but bigger savings can be made by ordering in bulk. Either way, it costs next to nothing to place a smaller order to see how things work first-hand.

4) Is it Legal to Buy Clubhouse Followers?

Yes – there is nothing illegal about buying Clubhouse followers or social signals in general. Buying fake followers is prohibited by most social networks, but paying for real people to follow you in the normal way is perfectly acceptable. Again, this emphasizes the importance of authenticity.

5) How to Get An Invite to Clubhouse?

You don’t need one – Clubhouse is no longer an invite-only platform. The app launched with a weird invite-only policy but is now open to anyone looking to join up. You simply need a mobile phone number for verification – no invitation is necessary.


Tracking down the best sites to buy Clubhouse followers means knowing what to prioritize when shopping for social signals in general. With followers, in particular, there’s no room for fakes, spam, bots, or inactive accounts…period. 


Platforms like Clubhouse are more than sophisticated enough to detect and deal with fake followers. Load your profile with fake followers, and it could cost you your reputation…if not your account. 


To emphasize that point once again – always seek assurances of quality and authenticity before placing an order for Clubhouse followers. If your seller is not willing to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of their products, take your business elsewhere.


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