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60 leading real estate CEOs of 2022 in Nigeria (Part B)

By Guardian Nigeria
11 October 2022   |   7:30 pm
Ugochukwu Obiora Chime, GMD & CEO Copen Group Award Winning Company Breaking Records in Real Estate He has well over 40 years of dynamic and wide industry experience cutting across the civil service, public service and the private sectors of the Nigerian economy. Mr. Ugochukwu Obiora Chime is the Group Managing Director/CEO of Copen Group,…

Ugochukwu Obiora Chime, GMD & CEO, Copen Group

Ugochukwu Obiora Chime, GMD & CEO Copen Group

Award Winning Company Breaking Records in Real Estate

He has well over 40 years of dynamic and wide industry experience cutting across the civil service, public service and the private sectors of the Nigerian economy. Mr. Ugochukwu Obiora Chime is the Group Managing Director/CEO of Copen Group, which has diverse interests in physical development consultancy, real estate, construction, management training, banking, manufacturing, and agriculture. 

His company’s vision is to build lives and structures. The company is a consortium of professionals with a keen drive to deliver on the full range of physical development consultancy, construction, real estate development, infrastructural development, agriculture, manufacturing, management training and banking. With offices in Enugu, Abakaliki, Abuja and Ghana, Copen Group is made up of seasoned professionals with an average of 35 years of experience in the aforementioned areas of expertise across the board. 

A Surveyor, foremost real estate developer, physical development consultant and investment analyst, Chime is a fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) and the Nigerian Institution of Building (NIOB).  Chime’s company’s first major project was the design, construction and delivery of the Enugu State Primary Education Board (SPEB), which was commissioned by the then Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, in April 1999.

“Our first major project was the acquisition of land and complete construction of the Enugu State Primary Education Board building, which was commissioned by the then Head of State. Beyond this, we have blazed a trail in the field of real estate development, construction/engineering (roads and buildings), erosion control, specialised procurements and trainings, where we have completed all the projects to the satisfaction of our clients. 

“We have earned the first award given to any real estate development firm by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) in its over 56 years of existence following the completion of the Goshen Estate Project in a record time of eight months as against the 24 month period given by the bank.” 

It can be argued that with the delivery of over 2,000 housing units in a record time by Copen Group has generated over 30,000 direct and indirect jobs within the local environments in which we operate. Delivery of these housing units and creation of the thousands of jobs have added significantly to the ambience being created by different state governments.

In 2002, he partnered in the delivery of a 500 housing unit estate at Taraba State in conjunction with the state government. He is a notable consultant to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, State Housing Corporations, Corporate bodies, and Private Estate Developers. Excerpts of his consultancy works includes, Design of the urban renewal of Calabar, Ikom and Ogoja in Cross River State and Taraba State and REDAN Team Leader FMBN/REDAN 27 Billion Naira bad loan reconciliation.

The first ever Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) certificate of commendation in its 56 years of existence to an estate developer for outstanding performance was given to his company, Copen Services Limited in 2011. Copen Group has to its credit delivered so many successful FMBN financed Estates in Enugu, Abuja, Nsukka, Abakaliki, and is about going into Anambra and Lagos states. The Group has also promptly repaid the loans taken for these estate developments viz Bethel Estate, Goshen Estate, Jubilee Estate and Elim Estate, with 324 housing units, was commissioned by the President Goodluck Jonathan, in 2014.

In addition to the estates mentioned earlier, Chime has delivered over 2,000 housing units through the following Estates: Jedidiah Gardens; Elshammah Estate; Adonai Gardens; Elohim Estate; Workers Village; Jireh Gardens; Sandview Estate; Karis Gardens and Heritage Estate at Enugu State, Workers Village; CBN Housing Estate; Foretold Gardens at Ebonyi State; Hosannah Estate and Beracah Estates at Abuja.

Chime is a member of the governing council of Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) and the current Enugu geographical zone Chairman of NECA, the agency that caters for the organised private sector in the Country. He has been the Chairman of the Board of Bethel Microfinance Bank Ltd from inception till April 2022, C-Stemp Education and Technology Limited, involved in the training of over 30,000 construction industry artisans across Nigeria, and also sits on the board of many other companies such as AG Mortgage Bank Plc. He has also served as Chairman, Board of Directors, Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (2003 to 2007), Chairman, Nigerian Institution of Surveyors – where his role was pivotal in the land acquisition and development of the first ever NIS Branch Secretariat in Nigeria. He was the President of Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) – where his role was pivotal to the design, construction and delivery of the ECCIMA Secretariat complex and Multi-Purpose Halls during his tenure as 2nd Deputy, 1st Deputy and President of ECCIMA.

Bamidele Onalaja, CEO, RevolutionPlus Properties

Bamidele Onalaja, CEO, RevolutionPlus – Real estate is the best sector to invest your money

Bamidele Onalaja is an economist turned real estate developer, is a serial entrepreneur with several years of experience in mortgage banking. The exceptional philanthropist has touched lives of widows, built three tuition-free schools for the less-privileged in Lagos State. Onalaja, through RevolutionPlus Property, has created several employment opportunities for the teeming youths and made housing affordable for the masses of this country.

Onalaja graduated from Lagos State University with a first degree in Economics and MBA in Marketing. Then started a professional career that saw him working in several mortgage banks. Hisengagement with the mortgage banks helped him to develop passion for real estate businesses, with adequate experience in the field, Onalaja, with his wife, launched out to start Revolutionplus Property.

Speaking on the challenges of real estate business, Onalaja said: “There are several challenges. If you don’t have a large heart, you cannot do real estate business. The challenges are many; firstly, is the “omo onile” phenomenon, the ancestral land owners. I bought several acres of lands around Dangote refineries about five years ago, and I had to buy it again three times. I paid to the right people, carried out due diligence and had the C of O of the land and other approved documents. We paid the owners, another set of people came and said they owned the title of the land. We paid them. Another set came and said they were the ancestral land owners and we must rectify from them again. We bought that land three times and learnt in a very hard way.

“The second challenge is finance. I am the Chairman of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, Lagos chapter. The major challenge for us is finance. Building estates is huge cost; construction cost, inflation and government policies make it a hard burden to bear.

“As a developer, you take loans from banks, you have a piece of land with Certificate of Occupancy (C of O ), but banks will not give you a loan until the title is in your company’s name. Normally, changing a title to your company’s name should not take more than three months, but it takes about three years or more. There is time value for money. You have moved to site, the bank has seen you working on the site but cannot release money to you because the title of the land is not in your company’s name. When it takes more time to do, it kills businesses. But the Government of Lagos State is really trying to make the process easy and simple. So, the business of real estate is extremely challenging, that is why I set up real estate school to train people. You are coming to real estate business, don’t look at the money but if you are hard-working and have the favor of God, you will succeed. On the other hand, the challenges can frustrate one to death.”

According to Onalaja, real estate is the best sector to invest money. He stressed further that records are there that return on investment in the real estate is high and all over the world.

“We have made massive contributions to the development of Nigerian economy. We have over 10,000 realtors, who earn their living from RevolutionPlus Properties through commissions we pay them. We have about 500 staff across six branches in Nigeria and have embarked on exciting cooperate social responsibilities. We have empowered 1000 widows by giving them money to start businesses through our foundation, Chris Bamidele Onalaja foundation. We have built three free tuition and feeding schools at Ikeja, Ikorodu and Makoko. The pupils get free uniforms, books and food. The one at Ikeja, located at Mende, is in partnership with Lagos State government. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we gave out palliatives to many families. We have impacted the economy of Nigeria positively as an indigenous company. I believe in Nigeria, we must make this country better. As God bless us, we will do more for our nation, Nigeria.

RevolutionPlus is known for its affordable housing. That is our slogan. In affordable housing, you cannot target the upper class. The most populated segment of the society is the lower and the middle classes; the artisans, market women, and more. This class of people don’t have houses, neither do they have land. These people are our target. Secondly, the middle class; the fresh graduates who just got employed. This class of people, RevolutionPlus Properties has solution for their housing challenges. We have developed forty two estates site and services. This is called service projects. We have developed eight estates with houses in Lagos, Ibadan, Shimawa Etc. The eight estates have about two hundred and thirty houses being occupied by people presently. The lower class like the market women are granted longer payment terms.

“Having done so much for the lower and the middle classes, we are now reaching the upper class. We have a ten-storey high rise project at Charlie boy bus top, Gbagada. We are in partnership with the Lagos State government.

“We are also reaching out to Nigerians in diaspora. RevolutionPlus has an office in Dalla, USA. We have five staff working there. Many Nigerians in diaspora want to come home or have a house at home. They are looking for trusted and reliable property company to work with. RevolutionPlus has offered herself as a solution for the desires of those Nigerians. We have many of them in the UK and Saudi Arabia.

The government should not be involved in housing development. Government should formulate policies, provide basic infrastructures and allow the professionals to build. Nigeria should run a private sector- driven economy. Government has no business in building houses. That is the economy that survives. The UK, USA and other European countries are private sector-driven.”

Kehinde Ogundimu, CEO, Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company

Nigeria’s Mortgage Finance Guru, Kehinde Ogundimu, MD/CEO, Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC) PLC

Incorporated in 2013, the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC) has aggressively pursued its corporate mission to break down home ownership barriers, by providing liquidity, affordability, accessibility, and stability to the housing market in Nigeria. Led by Kehinde Ogundimu, an award-winning professional with over 30 years of corporate work experience spanning financial advisory services, oil and gas and diversified banking in Africa and America. Kehinde joined NMRC in 2015 as the pioneer Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer and was appointed as the CEO in 2018. 

Kehinde is passionate about the economic empowerment of citizens to advance development around the world. Energetically involved in the real estate finance and advocacy, Kehinde is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF), a not-for-profit organisation based in South Africa.

He has held senior leadership positions at various companies including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Chevron in Nigeria and at Pepco Energy Services, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Capital One Bank in the United States of America. 

Kehinde holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc Honors) degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Ibadan and obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA), member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA), chartered financial analyst (CFA) Charterholder, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (FCTI) and Member, Institute of Directors of Nigeria (M.IoD).

Kehinde has attended several executive management programmes in leading educational institutions including Harvard Business School, University of Cambridge, Stellenbosch University and University of Pretoria, South Africa.

NMRC is a private sector-driven mortgage refinance company with the public purpose of developing the primary and secondary mortgage markets through raising long-term funds from the domestic and foreign capital markets, to provide accessible and affordable housing in Nigeria. NMRC’s core function is to leverage funding for enhanced mortgage access, promote affordable home ownership in Nigeria and unlock its multiplier effects on the Nigerian economy. The company’s primary aim is to refinance the mortgage portfolios of primary mortgage lending and commercial banks. As a mortgage liquidity facility, they collaborate with key stakeholders along the housing value chain such as federal and state governments, developers, professional bodies, and multilateral institutions to achieve their core business objectives.

Aare Adetola Emmaneul King, Chairman & CEO, Adron Homes & Properties Limited

ADRON HOMES & PROPERTIES LIMITED: Making Home Ownership a Pleasant Experience 

Adron Homes & Properties Limited is a leading and fast spreading Pan African real estate giant, which is committed to making the incredible, affordable. The real estate giant has developed over 40 estates across Nigeria and established 52 offices in Nigeria, the Republic of Benin all in its drive to bridge the housing deficit in the continent. The company also has its branches in the United States of America, Canada and Switzerland.

Adron Homes is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria’s commerce capital and with its estates cutting across major states in Nigeria like Abuja, Ogun, Oyo, Nassarawa, Osun, Ekiti and Niger and has also spread into the Benin Republic and beyond.

Adron Homes prides itself in the provision of affordable lands with flexible payment plans for its customers and an array of ready-to-live apartments and housing solutions with contemporary ultra-modern housing designs matching global standards all at very affordable prices. 

Adron Homes is particularly daily driven by its vision to be the leading Pan-African real estate development company that will provide the highest number of decent, accessible, comfortable, and affordable houses while achieving global housing standards. Our ultimate goal is to secure suitable housing for everyone irrespective of social and economic class.

Adron Homes’ development of over 40 ultra-modern housing estates spread cross various states of the federation some of which are; Five Rehoboth Park & Gardens Estates in Ibeju–Lekki area of Lagos (i.e Phase 1, Phase 1 Extension, Phase 2 & Phase 2 Extension and the Bridge Estate), the renowned Town Park & Gardens Estate in Ikorodu, Lagos State with four unprecedented monumental gate houses influenced by Roman Architecture and modeled after the beautiful edifices in the Vatican City and in the City of Rome (Phase 1 & Phase 1 Extension). Emirates Parks & Gardens Estate in Badagry mirrors the Emirate palace gate house in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, and eight Treasure Parks and Garden Estates within Simawa town of Ogun State. Worthy of note in Simawa is the breathtaking Cape town Estate that has got the imposing  statute  of Nelson Mandella , the largest  that you would find anywhere in the world.

There is also, Imperial Parks & Gardens Estates scheme I & II in Shagamu, Grandview Phase 1, Grandview Phase 1 Extension, Grandview Chinatown.  In Abeokuta, Adron’s Southgate Park & Gardens and Sunrise Park & Gardens Estate are beauty to behold.

In the great city of Ibadan, ADRON has also developed the famous West Park & Gardens Estate Buckingham Hill, West Park Paradise City 1 (that has one of its gate houses modeled after the famous Mapo Hall in Ibadan), West Park & Gardens Paradise City 2 all in Aiyegun Oleyo, Rosewood Park & Gardens Estate, Bako, Apata, City Park & Gardens Estate, Asejire and London Park & Gardens Estate, Ologuneru, Ibadan, Oyo State. 

In the Federal Capital Territory; ADRON’s Central Park & Gardens Estates in Kuje and Gwagwalada Abuja and also the Manhattan Parks & Gardens Estates Phase 1 & II along Abuja Keffi-Expressway continue to attract subscribers.

Between 2021 and 2022 Adron Homes has extended its rapid development to Osun, Ekiti & Niger states with new Estates such as Buckingham Estate, in Ede Osun State, Paris Park & Gardens, Osogbo, Washinton Park & Gardens Ado-Ekiti and the Emirate Park & Gardens (The Eden) Suleja, Niger State

ADRON continues to break new grounds in the real estate sector. This is exemplified in its collection of perfectly designed luxury, and high-end properties namely; Frontier Court in Omole, Ikeja, Elevation and Pinnacle Courts in Jericho, Ibadan, Prince & Princess Court in Sagamu and Sugarland Court in Ilisan-Remo.

Adron Homes has gained several recognitions for its outstanding housing solutions through various award of excellence both locally and internationally.

Dr Harrison Agboifoh, CEO, Landmark Corporate Realty Limited

Dr. Harrison Agboifoh, CEO, Landmark Corporate Realty Ltd – Real Estate Developer in a Class of His Own

Established in May, 2010 and commencing full operations on June 7, 2010, Landmark Corporate Realty Limited is a real estate company engaged in real estate marketing, real estate brokerage, real estate investment and construction. Landmark Corporate Realty is on a journey to transform the real estate business in Nigeria with our array of projects/estates that are developing faster than others that commenced business about the same time the company began its operations.

Landmark Corporate Realty boasts of a team consisting of seasoned professionals in the real estate industry with a quest to make housing affordable for both low and medium income earners.

The CEO of Landmark Corporate Realty, Dr. Harrison Agboifoh, is a chartered accountant with almost a decade of experience in the banking industry and a man with a great vision to make housing affordable for all. A result oriented chief executive, Agboifoh is driven to establish strategic mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with people and organisations. 

Dr. Agboifoh also has investments in freight forwarding and importation. He is adept at creating strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. He excels at building and retaining performance teams by developing and motivating skilled professionals. 

Agboifoh is an alumni of the prestigious Harvard Business School, United States of America, where he bagged an Associate degree in Project Finance, Capital Market and Real Estate. He received an honorary doctorate degree from the European American University for his commitment to the development of real estate in Nigeria. He is also an alumni of the prominent Lagos State University (LASU) and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife respectively. He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Presently, Landmark Corporate Realty is involved in the sales of land to interested subscribers and also has housing units as well. Their plots of land are situated mainly in Ibeju Lekki axis before Dangote Refinery in Lagos State and Ogun State, South-West Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja respectively. 

They have quite an impressive array of on-going projects namely Beachfront Parks & Gardens Phase  I & II Eleko, Ibeju Lekki, Meridian Boulevard, Okun Ajah by Abraham Adesanya,  Queen’s Park Estate, Mowe/Ofada Phase I & II, Queen’s Pak Estate, Simawa, Queen’s Garden Estate, Simawa, Queen’s Garden, Riverview Isheri-North G.R.A, Queen’s Park and Queen’s Garden Estates, Kuje, Abuja.

In addition to its imposing profile, the company has housing units at Queen’s Garden, Riverview Isheri-North G.R.A (Avocado Terraces, Diana and Elizabeth Courts Respectively). Also, Avocado Homes, Lakowe Golf Course and its newest baby, De Avocado Smart Homes, Abijo GRA, all within Ibeju Lekki axis, Lagoon front Estate by Alaro City Epe and its newest baby on the block, Fairmont Green and Smart Estate, Ayetoro Scheme opposite the proposed International Airport.

Landmark’s Estates are an embodiment of beauty and style and are strategically located in fast growing environments. With a world class service delivery that is top notch, Landmark derives joy in putting an irreplaceable smile on the faces of subscribers who always pour encomiums on them for being true professionals. The company boasts of a rich clientele that cuts across all strata of the society of business men and women, salary earners, clients in diaspora who have the confidence in the Landmark brand by virtue of their relationship with the company’s representatives all over the world.

Dr. Kennedy Nnadi, CEO, Pennek Nigeria Ltd

Dr. Kennedy Nnadi MD/CEO, Pennek Nigeria Limited – Versatile, Innovative and Dynamic Real Estate Realtor

Pennek Nigeria Limited is a dynamic and innovative investment company with a strong focus on the real estate sector specialising in the procurement and offering of choice plots of lands in areas proven to yield the highest returns on investment in the rapidly developing Ibeju-Lekki axis of Lagos State. The company is positioned to be a leading real estate company that creates real estate investment opportunities for individuals and organisations. 

Established by Dr. Kennedy Nnadi, an emerging global business leader with experience across diverse industries and sectors of the economy, Nnadi’s vision is to expand the Pennek brand beyond the shores of Nigeria. Nnadi has built an active team with which he drives his company’s vision of becoming Nigeria’s leading real estate firm with expertise in nation building.

He explains: “At Pennek Nigeria Limited, operating in the same economic and social environment in which you live and work means we are acutely aware that an innumerable number of things place considerable and, often unavoidable demands on your income and revenue, especially in the case of businesses. We do. We are in it with you. We live and operate here too. So, we have taken the proactive step of anticipating the possibility that such a situation, which can be an unavoidable part of life does not constitute an obstacle to you fulfilling your desire of owning a property or plots of lands on your own. 

“To forestall such obstacles, we have established strong operational relationships, with our banking partners which has enabled us to put at your disposal, a financing facility, which means your social life and other obligations do not have to suffer for you to fulfil your dream of owning a home of your own and, neither do you have to forego that dream.”

While attributing the skyrocketing price of Lagos property to the presence of many players in the business, Nnadi stated, “we live in the same environment and understand the demands on our limited resources. Pennek’s goal is to make it easy for people to live in their dream homes, or make the best real estate investments as the case may be. Our offers are one of the ways we are making luxury affordable for more Nigerians. This is one of the goals the company aims to achieve.”

A result and growth-driven business executive, Nnadi currently sits on boards of five reputable companies boasts of years of building businesses, developing partnerships and attracting foreign direct investment that provides opportunities for growth across various industries. 

Nnadi has over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship in Nigeria cutting across real estate, investment, oil and gas and importation. This is further to an equally diversified educational background.

He studied soil science at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri where he graduated with an outstanding academic record. He worked the National Commission for Museums and Monuments where he was later promoted to an Associate Pedologist because of his remarkable contributions.

He also attended the Lagos Business School and Strathmore Business School, Kenya. He is currently undergoing an Executive Management Programme at the Harvard Business School in Boston, USA. Nnadi has put his wide exposure in business together in real estate development to create a process of making home ownership a reality at income levels where it is otherwise elusive.

Pennek Nigeria has excelled in the business in the area of making luxury housing facilities affordable. It won the African Brand Leadership Merit award as Africa’s best world class premium real estate development & investment company of the year 2017. 

It also earned the mark as the best home makers/providers 2019, The Realties Award 2018 – Nigeria Real Estate Awards as the Best Real Estate Company in Nigeria – Affordable Luxury, African Corporate Leadership Excellence Prize 2016 – Real Estate Investment Leadership Excellence Prize 2016, among many other accolades.

Hon. Chukwuemelie Lambert Agu, General Manager, Enugu State Housing Development Corporation

Hon. Chukwuemelie Lambert Agu: Silent Achiever, Astute Administrator

Hon. Chukwuemelie Lambert Agu is a focused, courageous, strategic, innovative, and action-oriented manager of men and entities. He gives the Midas touch to whatever venture he finds himself. He is a successful businessman that pivoted to government establishment to give people shelter; man’s basic need. Until his appointment as the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC), was a successful business manager/administrator. 

He was headhunted into public sector by the present Executive Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to be the GM/CEO of ESHDC April 2016. He attended St. Patrick’s Secondary School, Emene, Enugu; University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Enugu State University of Science & Technology.

Agu has over 20 years of choice management experiences from various positions held in a top flight businesses. He believes that the home is a sanctuary, and should be treated as such:

“Whether you’re buying your first home or seeking that dream retirement residence, the experience should be nothing less than seamless. As a family man myself, I understands that your home is more than just a place to live — it’s where you make long-lasting memories.”  

With this approach of empathy with the clients, Agu’s pious leadership at Enugu State Housing Development Corporation has led to the development of many properties to the benefits of Enugu people and other clients.

On his assumption of office as the General Manager/CEO of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation, he swiftly and almost simultaneously embarked on the development of more than six estates within 18 months namely: Heritage, Transparency, WTC, Citadel I &II, Rangers I &II, etc. as a strategy to reduce the housing deficit in Enugu State in line with the Four Points Agenda of the Executive Governor.

As a successful and professional developer, Agu focuses on the big picture. His decisiveness and firm believe that ‘time equals money’, he had demonstrated the ability to spot potentials. Therefore, as a solution oriented individual, Agu’s target is on delivery of quality housing for the people. Today, ESHDC has fully developed the following projects:

Valley Estate 1 & 2; Citadel Estate Phase 1&2; Rangers Estate Phase 1&2; WTC Estate; Liberty Estate; Golf Estate with other ongoing projects.; Heritage Estate; Trinity Estate; Victory Estate; Sandview; Transparency; Rangers 1 & 2; Vintage; Conquest; Himaleyers; Town & Gown and Gateway with others in the offing.

As the saying goes ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way’, ESHDC’s future is sure! Hon. Agu, is committedly and steadily working in tandem with his boss, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the Executive Governor of Enugu State’s vision to deliver dividends of democracy to the rural areas. 

Agu’s foresightedness has led to the vision for development of estates in areas such as Nsukka, Adani, Ogbede, among others.

He superintended the digitalisation of Enugu state Housing Development Corporation thereby making it one of the most technology driven housing development corporations in Nigeria. Hon. Agu has brought about the influential ways in which digitalization has changed the housing industry in Enugu through Building Information Modelling (BIM); a process that involves conceiving, creating and planning or architecture for a real estate project using advanced data and algorithms, made possible through technology. 

This sort of processing allows a complete analysis of different data-driven aspects of building construction. This relies entirely on computer systems. To name a few, it can help determine cost efficiency, space efficiency, sustainability, and energy requirements. This digitized advancement means better planning and execution or real estate ventures. 

Agu is truly a tech-savvy builder! He introduced and saw to the implementation of Land Bank System (LBS) in ESHDC. With land banking, ESHDC embarked on the aggregation of parcels of land for future sale or development. While in many countries land banking may refer to various private real estate investment schemes, ESDHC’s practices a quasi-governmental county or municipal authorities purposed with managing an inventory of surplus land. This is making gainful use of the scare resource – land!

Agu plugged ESHDC into partnership with private real estate companies, commercial banks, Mortgage institutions, the Federal Mortgage Bank to blend with Government’s effort towards affordable housing for the people of Enugu State and environs. 

Even as a silent achiever, many organisations would find their way to present awards to the soft-spoken, ever-busy and astute administrator. Today, Hon. Chukwuemelie Lambert Agu is a recipient of many awards including the “Best MD of Housing Corporations in Nigeria 2021”; the prestigious “CEO of Housing Corporation 2019”.