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A closer look at powerhouse called large intestine




I have been writing about the colon, also known as the large intestine or the gut since the 30th of August 2016, to date. Looking back at all I have written concerning one single part of the body and for so long, amazes even me. Fourteen articles so far and a lot of information about it, one begins to see the importance of this portion of the body to the rest of the body. It is an eye opener. Surely, there is enough information for a book and this indeed is actually part of the book, known as “The Genesis 1,29 Diet.”

As I began to meditate and wonder why GOD, the Creator made the colon such an influential part of the body, the wisdom of GOD in doing so, became clearer to me. From the mouth to the anus, the gastrointestinal tract is the organ that processes the food that we eat. This food that man eats, no matter the kind of diet, is made up of a lot of different components and the GIT has the ability to process all of them. Most importantly, the food goes into our mouths as clean as we can present them and by the time it gets to the colon, the wastes, acids and toxins in them are gathered together to be evacuated from the body. Handling of these wastes has to be done with a lot of caution so that they do not, infect, attack or afflict the colon locally or transported to other parts of the body.

The health and wellbeing of the colon itself, has to be optimal, to form a barrier that prevents the contents from reaching the inner cells of the colon. From these inner cells, such wastes can get to other tissues and organs far away from the colon. Indeed, a lot of diseases in other organs of the body have been traced to the colon and some have called the colon the “second brain” of the body.

To help the colon in all the functions that it was created to perform, are components of the food that we eat such as fibre and plant enzymes. Not only that, we have found out that the colon needs a lot of water to function and most especially to prevent constipation. Constipation, being the greatest source of acid generation and release is usually the result of dehydration and consumption of food that is devoid of fibre. The foods that are most implicated, as a cause of constipation is that which is based on animal protein and fat which do not contain fibre. Another source of help to the colon in all its functions is the bacteria, which make up the normal flora of the large intestine. To think that bacteria, which we all know cause infections in the body, can be referred to as friendly and considered a part of the defense system of the body against unfriendly bacteria is the unsearchable wisdom of GOD. These bacteria are by far the greatest contributors to the function of the colon. Such knowledge as this should come in handy whenever we are at the point of making the decision as to what we should be eating.

Knowledge of the components of the different items that make up the diet and the health benefits of these items should always be employed while planning what to eat. In other words, we should not be eating just to tickle our taste buds. Our eating must be purposeful. Eat to satisfy and make up for certain deficiencies in the body.

Hippocrates who lived between 460BC and 377BC said, “All sickness starts from the gut.” My conclusion is, if your gut is healthy, the whole of your body will be healthy.

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