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A healthy human must be beautiful, look younger and strong — Hans Biotech



Hans Biotech Wellness provides alternative therapy for different ailments, using herbal plants infused with Nano technology to create a cream. In this interview with ENIOLA DANIEL, Wang Hai Ning, the General Manager, Overseas, explains the health organisation’s mission to Nigeria.

How are your services different from other herbal treatments?
Our organisation uses a technology that combines modern physics and biology. Through accurate sampling methods, this technology uses microscopic laser beam to incise herbs at a molecule level, making them smaller than Nano.

By turning them into element-level, the particles become small enough to pass through the mucous membranes of human cells and move directly into the blood stream.


Han’s Bio-tech has a strong research team of 30 experts, who have conducted an extensive research for nearly 20 years to develop the groundbreaking procedure of extracting elements from herbs, known as micro molecule incision technology (MMIT). This is the world’s first revolutionary breakthrough in medical science history, thereby creating a new era in global herbal medicine.

We came to Nigeria three months ago. And we are here for three reasons. We were introduced to Nigeria by a former director in Foreign Affairs and Minister Plenipotentiary in China, Ambassador Ademola Oladele, who understands Chinese herbs. He felt Nigerians needed preventive and curative means to good health and because China has a very good relationship with Nigeria, we felt we should establish an office here.

This is my first time in Africa. We understand there are vibrant countries in Africa, but because Nigeria is a large country in Africa, with the highest population, we decided to come here first. We have branches in China, Malaysia, Singapore and we are planning to go to Australia.

Are you into traditional or alternative medicine?
We bring a technology to Nigeria, and not just traditional herbs. Traditional herbs are difficult to bring to Nigeria, but we came with a high Biotechnology. Our services are different from the usual medication procedure. Medicines have side effects.


This technology is also different from traditional medicine because herbs can become complicated and harmful to consumers. We are providing an alternative treatment. We use high technology to make traditional herbs. Our products are different from both the traditional medicine and pills. We are providing pure alternative treatment.

We are making available a platform, where patients do not need medicine, injection or surgery to be strong. Many people take a lot of medication for health issues, but we are providing an alternative solution.

For instance, a patient with rheumatism can get cured just by applying our cream. We still refer to the substance we use as medicine, because anything you use to cure any ailment remains medicine, which is a general name. We just came to Nigeria and we’ve already had commendations from people that came to our centre, including the former Ambassador to Botswana.

The first thing a patient undergoes is our massage treatment, as well as our cream, which is very effective. Ordinarily, a patient may use some medicines; get treatment and still remains sick. This is why we are tackling health problem from the root.


What is the assurance that your products are efficient?
Actually, we don’t want to convince anybody. We just want to provide the people with alternative medicine and to let them understand that they have a new chance.

If you have been using various medicines, exercising everyday and there is still no cure, the right thing to do is to try something new. This new thing is what we are offering through Chinese herbs combined with a high technology. A healthy human must be beautiful, look younger and stronger, and be able to enjoy life.

What is your perception of general healthcare in Nigeria?
It is not just Nigeria. We think Africa, as a continent, needs to develop a way of helping her people. China is growing fast. It is a country where you can wake up in the morning and discover a new thing, but Nigeria is very slow.

However, one company or government alone cannot solve problems relating to the health sector, but we can try our best to bring new things, as we’ve done in China, to help the people.

Since we came, we have been able to achieve some success. We have treated skin diseases, fibroid and prostate issues, among others. We are happy to see a lot of people returning, not for treatment but to commend us.

Every country has their own way of doing things. But Nigeria must be open to new systems and change. I think the government must engage the people, put the information system to work and educate the people on healthy lifestyles.

What are your future plans?
We are not just here to do business or just to make money and leave within a short time. We have a long-term strategy and we want to build our factory in Nigeria. We want to expand our services to other parts of the county, train the citizens and help Nigerians.

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