Sunday, 4th June 2023

How our agro-shop model will boost nutrition, agribusiness, by Odedina  

Ogun State Ministry of Agriculture, on Friday, opened its agro-shop the secretariat in Oke-Mosan.

Ogun State Ministry of Agriculture, on Friday, opened its agro-shop the secretariat in Oke-Mosan.

The agro-shop is a one-stop shop that, as the government put it, would serve as an avenue for workers in the secretariat and others to buy fresh, quality and value added agricultural products at affordable prices from farmers and partners.

The agro-shop, donated by Harvest-field Industries Ltd, would also serve as an agribusiness information and linkage centre for individuals interested in agricultural value chain opportunities in the state.

The Commissioner for Agriculture, Dr Adeola Odedina, reiterated the focus of the present administration to improving the health and nutritional well-being of the gun populace by ensuring the availability of healthy foods as part of the state Agricultural agenda.

Dignitaries at the event included Ogun State Head of Service, Alhaja Selimot Ottun; Permanent Secretary, Ogun State Ministry of Agriculture; Acting General Manager, Ogun State Agro Services Corporation; Programme Manager, Ogun State Cassava Revolution Programme; Programme Manager, Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme (OGADEP); Directors in the Ministry of Agriculture; Representatives of Women Leaders, Representatives of Market Women; Representatives of Dapo Abiodun Apex Alliance Sisters; partners such as Harvest-Field Industries Ltd, CATO Foods, Harvest-Plus Nigeria and other stakeholders.

The commissioner said it was a private sector franchise model to be initiated in several locations in the state, and would create a unique agro commerce opportunities.

“The structure was donated to us free of charge by one company in Ogun State; Harvestfield Ltd. They produce agrochemicals. When I shared the idea with the managing director, he responded positively,” he said.