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Ahmadiyya Women Wing to mark centenary anniversary

By Shakirah Adunola
21 January 2022   |   4:12 am
The women wing of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Jama’at Nigeria (Lajna Imaillah), is set for 100 years celebration of its existence across the country.

• Seeks for better society, reveal achievements
The women wing of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Jama’at Nigeria (Lajna Imaillah), is set for 100 years celebration of its existence across the country.

The organisation was established by the second Caliph of the jamaat, Hazrat Bashir-ud-Deen Ahmad (ra) in 1916 and commenced activity in 1922 to give women a voice in the administrative affairs of the community and a degree of independence.

According to the second caliph, “50 percent of the Jamaat population was composed of women and there was need to organise women to produce better results in moral development, special development and spreading the religion of Islam. If the organisation could function effectively and 50 percent of the women are reformed, that would result in the supremacy of Islam.”

While addressing newsmen at a press conference heralding the activities of the centenary celebration, the National Sadr (President) Lajna Imaillah Nigeria, Hajia Taofeeqah Fagbolade, carefully explained the activities of the group towards community support, saying Amadi women are playing the same roles as those ladies in the days of the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW).

She added that the organisation is a source of inspiration for the Jama’at as the group has embarked on a series of philanthropist gestures.

“In the fight for the renaissance of Islam by the Ahmadiyya community, the role of the women has been tremendous.

“Aside from the early donation for the construction of the first mosque in the UK in 1922, Girls High Schools were established in Qadian 1928 and Rabwah 1951 so that girls could have access to education. A hospital is built in Sierra Leone to tackle the challenges of maternal healthcare and enhance medical facilities in West Africa. In Nigeria, the Lajna established a school for the memorisation of the Holy Quran for girls of ages 9 – 13 years. It also built a mosque at the Ahmadiyya Training Center in Ilaro among others.”

Fagbolade said the organisation’s activities cover spiritual, education and training and are solely involved in outreach work, social welfare, industry and handicraft, health programs and others.

“In Nigeria, we have had 42 annual conventions, 33 workshops, innumerable welfare outreach and free medical camps, and various empowerment opportunities.

In the aspect of sacrifices in the cause of Allah, the ladies of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at are not found wanting. The first ever mosque in London called FAZL mosque was built out of the contributions of Ahmadi ladies. Four of such mosques were built solely by donations from Ahmadi women as of 2008. And more have been built after that. One was completed in July 2021 at Ilaro, Ogun State, by the Lajna Imaillah Nigeria, while two more are under construction in Lagos State.

“So far, our organisation established the first memorization school for girls, (Madrasat-Tahfizul Quran Lil Banaat) in 2010 in Ilaro, Ogun State. The school has graduated sixty-five girls who can recite the entire contents of the Holy Qur’an by heart.”

She said that the organisation does empower women with free vocational training.

“With the support of the parent body, the group has trained 34 ladies at the vocational training centre established in 2018 with skills in fashion design, catering, bag and shoe making, event decorations for free. On the completion of the training, starter packs were also provided. Thirty-four new students have been given admission for this new session. We also have a number of orphans and children from less-privileged homes on our primary and secondary school scholarship scheme.”

Fagbolade, also said many have benefited from the group medical camps and welfare outreach.

“An average of 800 people (members and non members) have enjoyed our free eyeglasses opportunities, thousands have benefitted from medical check-ups and free drugs. Hospitals, orphanages and prisons are visited regularly with welfare packages. Our female students in higher institution named Ahmadi Muslim Women Association do embark on food drive every Ramadan, therein touching many lives.”