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Ali Awad Officially Trademarks His Moniker CEO Lawyer


Ali Awad, better known as the CEO Lawyer, has officially trademarked his brand to have nationwide protection in his pursuit of becoming the number one injury lawyer in America.

Ali says he came up with the name CEOLAWYER in 2016 when he was still trying to decide whether to start his own firm or work for someone. “I had been an entrepreneur my whole life and owned 7 different companies before becoming a lawyer. When the time came to start my social media brand, I decided that it was only befitting to combine my two passions in one: business and law. I felt the name would complement my personality and ambition most because I was a CEO way before I became a lawyer” Mr. Awad said.

When asked about protecting his brand, Ali said, “I realized a lot of people were copying my brand and my videos online so I wanted to protect it. Even now, there are many lawyers who call themselves the ‘ceo of law’ or the ‘ceo attorney’ because they are precluded from using my protected name. I worked very hard to build my brand and online reputation, and I don’t want potential clients to be confused as to who the real ceolawyer is,” Ali says.

Ali Awad, Esq., MBA is a Georgia based attorney, entrepreneur and marketing visionary. He is also the founder and managing attorney at ALI AWAD LAW, P.C. and CEO Media (a marketing agency dedicated to helping lawyers and doctors market themselves through social media).

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