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American Scientists Say Walnut Can Inhibit Cancer, Diabetes


autumnstuff_walnutsAmerican scientists carried out a number of laboratory tests on grouped mice suffering from prostate cancer. By feeding one group with walnuts, another with walnut oil, and the last mice group with no walnut at all, the researchers were able to detect a drastic deceleration in the growth of the tumor and malignant cells in the rats fed with walnuts.

The first group did not consume walnuts, the second group received walnuts, and the third one was fed with walnut oil.

The experiment showed that the development of the tumor and malignant cells significantly slowed among the rodents in the second and the third groups.

Raw walnuts contain phytonutrients, a natural substance, which restrains the growth of cancer cells.

The scientists, attribute the success of the tests to this, and further reveal that only two handfuls of walnuts daily is enough to reduce the chances of both prostate and breast cancer by about 50 per cent.

In another development, the scientists showed that walnut oil plays a key role in reducing the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood, helping to fight heart disease and reducing the risk of diabetes.

The study found that overweight adults with type two diabetes, who ingested only a quarter cup of walnuts daily saw their high levels of insulin reduce quicker than those on non-walnut diets.

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