Tuesday, 24th May 2022
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And now policing

Every action is preceded by thoughts and volition. It is said in holy books that the hearts of men have been darkened and are consequently evil. It is therefore no surprise that our environment is fouled up.

Every action is preceded by thoughts and volition. It is said in holy books that the hearts of men have been darkened and are consequently evil. It is therefore no surprise that our environment is fouled up. It is increasingly so around the world. Is the world listening to the Trumpet? Has it not been said that it is not what goes into a man’s mouth that defileth him, but what cometh out of his heart? Have we not also been told that it is from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh? As within, so without! What I am getting at is that the bulk of human activities spring from the heart, which in this case is to be interpreted as from thoughts and from volition. We diminish ourselves or uplift ourselves by the nature of the thoughts we think and harbor, and the nature of our volition. Noble thoughts uplift and evil thoughts drag down. In thinking and acting, for our volition, it is the Power of the Creator invested in the Holy Spirit that we use. The power streaming down unceasingly from Him, from On-High, is neutral but living. In their consistency, incorruptibility and livingness they manifest the Divine Laws, the Laws of God, the Laws of Creation. The Laws of Justice; the Will of God!

The laws can be likened to electricity. As is common knowledge, electricity is neutral. It serves the wise as well as the fool equally. It is available to the King as it is available to the subjects and the servant. It is available to the child as it is to the adult and the father. Electricity can be used for all manner of beneficial endeavors— cooking, building houses, to move trains and to drive tramps. Being test-run in Europe today are electric cars which may not even require the employ of drivers. Batteries we are about to discard in themselves generate electricity and then heat, otherwise the vehicles as we have them today would not move. In the same way that we use electricity for beneficial works, we can also use it to destroy.

We are free to use it as we please, to build or to destroy. For whatever use one may put it one bears full responsibility. We are accountable. It is in the same way that in the exercise of our freedom of decision, our inalienable free will, we use the Power of the Creator streaming down from Above. Having used it as we want, we bear responsibility. If it is wrongly used or channeled, we bear responsibility; we must account, here or hereafter. If we channel it to do good, to high ideals, we become light, feeling uplifted. The neighbourhood, the land knows peace. If wrongly used we are told in revelations of the high knowledge spreading on earth today that we create opposing currents which are stronger than any human spirit and the power of any government or a collection of them, will always overpower us and our work. Evil thoughts, for example create demons and furies whose only role given their origins, is destruction, personal or widespread damage as the case may be.

It is thus made plain that tribulations and destruction are consequences of wrong actions. As I have said in this column before, the first responsibility every human being owes himself is to familiarise himself with the said higher knowledge which contains the foundation stone for all knowledge which, if examined, gives explanation for every happening in the whole of Creation.

In the meantime, Nigeria has found itself in the firm grip of lawlessness. What then do we do for our land to return to the era of peace when Nigerians could sleep with their two eyes closed and travel from one end of the land to another? Will community policing as is being touted work? Methinks it will not work for as long as it is centralized. Centralization in a diverse country such as ours violates the Law of Nature. The Law is called the Law of attraction of Homogeneous Species. Birds of the same feather flock together, it is said. Nigeria is a country of nationalities and not a country of settlers.

It is from this recognition that we must proceed. Through the Law each people are grouped together in accordance with their degree of inner development which may also be called spiritual maturity. It is so that each people may develop according to their own light and at their own pace. The law works to the minutest detail that even within a town there are clans and wards. We cannot ignore this and expect to make progress, for adamantine is the law. It is eternal. Each people will be better off policing themselves at the state or zonal level and at local government levels. The centralized police command came from the report of Yusuf Gobir committee set up by General Ironsi but implemented by General Gowon in August 1967. All we need do is to work out strict guidelines to safeguard abuse. To evade the establishment of state police or zonal police will amount to beating the same old track, the same going round and round in circles and getting to nowhere in particular.

We have enough around us to learn from. Senator Olu Adetunbi representing Ekiti said it all: “States should have the monopoly of the use of legitimate instruments of coercion. Nigeria is ranked no 14 among fragile countries in the world.” He listed them. Out of seven federations he has studied, Nigeria is the only federation that does not allow state policing. “Policing cannot be a monopoly of the Federal Government. The time for change has come, Mr. President, I so submit,” he said on the floor of the Senate. Will this banish obstinacy of the presidency? We wait and see.
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