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Anwar-ul-Islam harps on Islamic inheritance law


The president, Anwar-ul Islam Movement of Nigeria; Barr. Mubashir Ojelade (left), a representative of Lagos State Government; Alhaji Mustapha Abdul Ahmed, His Royal Highness, Alaiyeluwa Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi, Adegorushe V, Ayangburen of Ikorodu, during Anwar-ul Islam Movement of Nigeria annual Ramadan lecture.

The Anwarul-ul Islam Movement of Nigeria has given an overview of the Islamic laws of inheritance with the aim of increasing the awareness in the Muslim community during it 2017 Ramadan programme.

Representative of Lagos State Government and Alhaji Mustapha Abdul Ahmed said, education is the only tool that could enlighten Muslims on the true nature of Islam, including the disgust towards terrorism. “There is no compulsion in Islam, If you open your Television, you will see all kind of insane bombing been attributed to Islam, there is no compulsion in the matter of religion, Islam is not a religion that makes it a compulsion that you must be a Muslim”.

He urges people to support government effort noting that the government cannot do it alone.


“Our parent did not wait for the government to build school, if they wait for the government, Islam will not be where it is today. Our forefathers dim it fit to set up institutions that are now producing world-renowned scholars at distinguish public service. For that aspiration to continue to be strong, you and I need to contribute our own quota to this legacy” he said.

Guest Lecturer, Dr. Nasrudeen Onibon of Department of Foreign Language, Lagos State University (LASU) stressed the need for every Muslims to follow the commandment of Allah as Allah Almighty says in the holy Quran.

According to him, Inheritance is an integral part of Islamic Sharia Law and is application is mandatory “ We are all disquiet about what we want to leave for our children, let us know that everybody will taste death. All the wealth, you amass is a trier for you, this world is vanity.”

He said: “When a Muslim dies, there are four duties need to be performed: Payment of funeral expenses, payments of his or her debts, execution of his or her will and distribution of remaining estate amongst the heirs according to Sharia.

“The laws of inheritance should be given prominence in Islam because it is compulsory in Islam to share the inheritance of the deceased. “There are some people we call disentitled heir, if those that are entitle to the inheritance are alive they are not entitled to it. ”If the children are alive, the inheritance does not concern the grand children, if the deceased parent is alive, it does not concern the siblings, if the siblings are alive it does not concern the children”.

He said Islam did not only elevate the position of women but also safeguarded their social and economic interest.” God did not discriminate weather the person is a male or female, the female are also entitle to the deceased inheritance.. There is no discrimination with Allah. Allah said after sharing the inheritance, the left over should be giving out in charity”.

“Double of what is giving to a female will be giving to male because the male will be a breadwinner, if the female is more than two, two third of the inheritance will be share among them, if the deceased left only one female child, half of the inheritance will be given to her, if the deceased have parent, Allah said the property should be divided in six portion and give them one sixth of the inheritance if he has children, if the deceased have no children and have parent, the mother will be given one third,

“If the deceased have siblings the mother will be given one sixth, if the deceased is a female and have no children the husband will be given half of her inheritance but if she has children she will be given quarter of the inheritance, if the husband die and the wife did not have a child for him the wife will take quarter of the inheritance but if she has children, the wife will take one eight of the inheritance.

“ If the deceased is an orphan and he has no children or wife but has siblings, one sixth of the inheritance will be given to the person but if his sibling is more than one, one third of the inheritance should be shared among them. If the deceased have no parent, wife nor children but have a female sister, half of the inheritance will be given to her, but if the sisters are two, two third of the inheritance will be shared among them, if the decease have many male siblings, the double of what is given to the female will be given to them” he said.


He urge people to strive on deed that will make them to enter paradise but don’t forget your portion in this world “There is nothing wrong to be rich in the world, you can build a beautiful house, buy a flamboyant car or buy a private jet. But we need to be careful because that is the root causes of problems we found ourselves. We forget we are going to die one day, we are running after wealth we forgot we will go back to our creator one day”.
“In most cases we go beyond our ordinary need to the extent that the wealth of some of us is enough to cater for thousand of people need just because we want to leave wealth for our children”.

“What our forefather left behind we are enjoying what legacy do we want to leave for the younger generation. All what is expected to boost the economy of Nigeria, we have all odd it due to our greediness, there is no job in the country again.

Immediately we die, our property is someone else property. What we spend in form of charity is our gain immediately we die our property is for someone else. If someone dies and he left some property, we must share it with the Islamic sharia law that is not practice again.  What is common among us is the writing of wills, there is nothing wrong in the writing of will the prophet said it does not befit a wealthy Muslim to live two days without writing a will and shows that he has written it. Most of us believe we are going to live very long time. Most of us are afraid to write our will because we don’t trust those that surround us. He said.


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