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Are you interested in learning which are the best cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in 2022?

By Guardian Nigeria
07 February 2022   |   3:49 pm
During the last years, crypto has been all over the place in every journal and social media. Their success and fast expansion has become more and more as an alternative way to overcome the limits that fiat currencies and bank-based economies have.

During the last years, crypto has been all over the place in every journal and social media. Their success and fast expansion has become more and more as an alternative way to overcome the limits that fiat currencies and bank-based economies have.

These are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022:


    1. Lucky Block Overall Best New Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022
    2. Ether
    3. Polygon
  • DogecoinMost Popular Cryptocurrency to Buy This Year
  • Cardano
  • Binance CoinOne of the Best Altcoins to Buy for Long-Term Growth 


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With people like the famous Elon Musk that drive trust and attention to the new ways of trading and with the safety that blockchain protocols offer, “popularity” would be a good term to define cryptocurrencies with. Also, their effectiveness and exponential growth over their value are a great starting point to believe that something has been “cooking” there, and you better not be outside now that it is a thing.

So, what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022? Answering this might be a difficult thing to do, and only a licensed advisor can do that. 

And because we are at an early stage of the year, even experts might find it difficult, but we can mention here some crypto coins that made a lot of “noise” during last year, and if you find yourself interested in one of them, then you should check on it and collect quality information.

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Of course, we can’t avoid mentioning the one that has growth more than 500% and is becoming one of the most trusted and demanded megacoins of the entire world.

Ethereum and his platform have made great advances with the Smart Contracts and experts estimate that Ethereum represents 20 percent of the entire money that is being invested on cryptos.

If you want to have value over your e-wallet, you should always be aware of how the ETH is going, because it has a huge impact on many fields and markets, and affects also some “sidechains”.


Speaking of sidechains, Polygon (MATIC) benefits users and traders because it has a fundamental role about Ethereum: it helps when the prices are low related to transactions over Smart Contract validations. 

Also, its speed is optimum in comparison with others, so if we take this in consideration, and we add the security that blockchain offers, Polygon has made a name for its own.

If you want to inform yourself more over Polygon, check specialized websites and forums and you are certainly going to find more information about it.


We are aware that “meme” coins might be a bit complicated when it comes to investments, but some of them made a lot of noise during 2021, and one of them that turn the spotilight over it was DOGE, with the support of none other than Elon Musk.

Some experts estimate that this kind of cryptocurrencies grant good opportunities and return of investment in the short term. Its volatility can produce a huge recovery if the market has a “fall”, according to specialized marketers.

Last year, this one and Shiba Inu had a lot of attention, mostly during the first half of 2021, and meme and all, made a lot of people invest in them and many dive through them for the first time in cryptos. So, if you want to start, this could be a “friendlier” way to step your foot on the crypto ship.

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Cardano started in 2015 by the Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, and as a blockchain and a Smart Contract platform, is doing pretty well.

Some experts name Cardano (ADA) as a crypto with a solid base and a lot of potential. According to CoinmarketCap, its market capitalization is estimated at over 44 billion dollars, and it is estimated that it had an approximate growth of 670%.

His development was as an Open Source, so this means a huge community over the entire world respects and supports it.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block could be an excellent representation on how cryptos embody and give answer to a market that is filled not only with shark-mindset investors, but also to users that want to get a cut over a creative idea and a profitable market like the lottery.

In other words, this cryptocurrency has the project to become a worldwide lottery that functions with Blockchain protocols, works with a Random Number Generator (RNG) like every legitimate online casino, and operates on the Binance Smart Chain. 

This way, transparency, speed and fairness are put on the table so that interested parties can invest and also have the chance to make profits, while they are being entertained.

At the same time, investing in Lucky Block grants, according to the official website, the benefit of instant payouts, no transaction fees, and receiving a percentage of every jackpot payout, whether you played or not.

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Who is investing in crypto and doesn’t know Binance? The exchange platform has been growing immensely since it started to gain popularity. Many experts speculate that this year won’t be different, and its growth could be as expected during 2022.

In this context, BNB cryptocoin is based on Ethereum’s blockchain, has capitalized very well during the last years and has a strong structure.

Its uses are very versatile and offer a lot of benefits to people who uses Binance, so it’s not a bad idea to check out over BNB and ask for experts’ advice.

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There are approximately more than 10.000 cryptocurrencies, and many more are developed constantly, so even experts may not be able to give you the final and absolute answer about which one is going to make a big peak or will fall to the underground.

Holding, selling, trading, or whatever you are planning to do next, you should always investigate deeply about your future investments, and ask for advice from licensed experts.

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However, as this crypto “universe” is becoming more and more big and complex, information is power, and checking on legitimate advisors, specialized journals, or debating on forums with people that live by cryptocurrencies, is the best move you can do to avoid tripping over a bad recommendation or unexpected surprises.

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