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‘Being ambitious is good, but better when balanced with contentment’, Eddyosaman


Aside from being a training specialist at Teleperformance, the world’s largest customer service company, Adodo Eddy Osaman is also a renowned influential personality for the African migrant community seeking a greener pasture or the Golden Fleece overseas.

Popularly known as Eddyosaman on Instagram, the CEO of iGroup Nigeria, recently enlightened intending migrants about the ladder of human desires, and the need for individuals to be content even in their drive for greater goals.


Using Canada as a case study, he posted via his Instagram handle @eddyosaman: “While you desire to be in Canada, there’s someone living in a country far worse than where you are, and is praying to be in your current situation. The person who just arrived Canada is currently thinking about how to find a good job to meet up with the bills. The one who has a good job and able to pay the bills is currently thinking about how to buy a car to avoid catching the bus especially during the cold months.”

For even those who appeared to be well-off, Eddyosaman avowed that they have their challenges: “The one who’s got a good job and a car is currently being pressured by their friend’s success stories of owning their own home in Canada. The one who’s got a home is currently thinking about how to work more jobs to pay the mortgage so they don’t lose the house. The one who just paid for their home in full is currently worried about owning more houses and the one who owns multiple houses has been dreaming about that gig investment his friend just told him about.”

He further pointed out that even so-called millionaires are not immune from the inordinate desire to acquire more. “The one who owns several investments is thinking about making some millions so He can be part of the millionaires club in their community. The one who’s a millionaire wants to make billions,” he noted.

These desires, Eddyosaman further opined, tend to create dark feelings within the individual, thereby making it difficult for people to truly celebrate the successes of others. “And even when we do, it’s usually not from the heart,” he stated.

The bottomline, according to him, is for the individual to be content.

Said he: “Picture life as a ladder. Wherever you are on that ladder, your life is not bad compared to anyone above you. They just got there before you. You will also get there. All you need to pray for is peace and gratitude to enjoy your present. You’re already far blessed than what your mind is currently telling you. Just pause and look around.”


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