Thursday, 1st June 2023

Bitcoin, a life changing experience – Investor Seed

A digital currency expert, Investor Seed Eburuike has said that cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating asset class in the history of mankind.

Investor Seed Eburuike

A digital currency expert, Investor Seed Eburuike has said that cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating asset class in the history of mankind.

Eburuike made the assertion recently in a release to the press alluding that it is a life-changing wealth to acquire.

Giving an insight to a proper understanding of the trade, he stated, “Bitcoin’s price went from $0.01 to $60,000 in 11 years. Ethereum went from $0.15 to $4000 in 6 years. Had you put in $1, you could have made millions, many did. It’s life-changing wealth.”

He also mentioned that; “It’s never too late, there are over 5000 cryptocurrencies out there, with more added to the market daily.”

Investor Seed as he is popularly called, A 29 years old Blockchain researcher, professional trader and tech entrepreneur asserted that crypto has not failed him.

“I got in early on crypto and have built several startups like Autobidexport, an international auto and shipping company and Hancarri Limited, an eCommerce business, using my crypto earnings. I have experienced the power of crypto and the enormous opportunity that it avails to both institutional and retail investors like me first hand, and since then I have committed my life work to blockchain research and development.

“Making 10,000%+ in crypto within a few days sounds unbelievable and outrageous, but it’s more common than most people are aware. The simple secret is discovering potentially great tokens and investing in them before everyone else does. This is mostly made possible by launchpads via IDOs. Initial Dex Offerings,” he said.

Seed explained that Launchpads are a way to get into a cryptocurrency before it’s made public. it offers smart investors the opportunity to buy the token first before they are listed on exchanges. Once the token is listed on exchanges, huge demand comes in and pushes the price up. Demand and supply control cryptocurrency prices and it’s a no-brainer, The more people buy an asset, the higher the price goes up.

“The hard part for most beginner investors is how to discover potentially explosive tokens at an early stage before they go mainstream. That is why at the website investorseedhub, our researchers stay ahead of the market to bring to investors potential gems that would make multiple multipliers to their investments,” he said.

Seed also warned that different sorts of advanced and highly organised scams exist in the crypto market and being an early investor increases investors’ exposure to these scams.

He explained that one of such recent scams known as “rug pull” happened recently with a token called Squid token inspired by a Netflix hit series squid game.

According to him, Squid token which saw its price soar by more than 60,000 per cent within two days turning a $100 investment to $60,000 got the rug pulled by its creators pushing the price again down to 0. Rug pull happens when a token creator markets a token aggressively, Gets investors to buy the token but stops them from being able to sell, and then runs away with the funds raised from the sale which crashes the token price to 0. Investors reportedly lost over $3.38m in squid token scam according to Gizmodo, a technology website.

“As cryptocurrency continues to see more adoption across different sectors. Buying now means you are still very early. It offers a level playing ground for everyone due to its decentralized system, everyone is exposed to the same level of opportunity in crypto. Obviously, the main reason to own any asset is that it can go up in value, and much of cryptocurrency’s original appeal is as a store of value to protect against inflation. Given the high inflation numbers we are seeing as the countries open up from the pandemic, inflation protection is on the top of many investors’ minds right now,” Seed explained.

“Already, we’ve seen El Salvador formally adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, and Panama recently introduced a bill that would have it follow suit. Crypto use has also surged recently in Afghanistan after this summer’s Taliban takeover caused citizens to lose faith in the country’s financial system,” he added.

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