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Boosting nutrition, beauty with Omnilife supplements


Vice-President of Grupo Omnilife S.A. de C.V, Amaury Vergara (second right), flanked by prospective distributors during the launch of Omnilife supplementary products in Nigeria.<br />

As part of its commitment towards promoting quality of life in Africa, Omnilife Group, a Mexico- based multi-development marketing company has launched its supplementary products and cosmetics in Nigeria to boost nutrition and beauty.

The Omnilife Group, launched at the Victoria Crown Plaza (VCP) hotel in Lagos will officially commence operations in Nigeria in January 2019.

The dietary supplements, produced and distributed in its headquarters in Mexico, according to the Vice President of Grupo Omnilife S.A de C.V, Amaury Vergara, would be a great option to supply the nutrients that could be lacking in the foods that Nigerians consume on a daily basis, while maintaining their organs and body systems working in good conditions.

He noted that the dietary supplements are made with the latest technology and ingredients to provide a better quality of life.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), micronutrient deficiencies affect at least two billion people globally, and has been considered a major risk factor for child survival in Nigeria, with children under five years of age at risk of one form of nutrient deficiency disorder or the other (vitamin A deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, IDDs, and zinc deficiency disorders, respectively).

“We are launching Omnilife Company in Nigeria, although, the company will officially open and begin full operation in 2019. Right now we are inviting Nigerians to know the benefit of the project so that they will be prepared to take the opportunity it presents, because we have learnt to help a lot of people through this Omnilife opportunity to get better health and wealth and also the human development aspect.”

“These supplements will help the Nigerian people to complete the nutrients that commonly is lacking in the normal food,” he added.

Explaining the objective of the company’s project in Nigeria, Basil Cletus Iwuchukwu, one of the prospective distributors in Nigeria, while speaking during the event said: “Omnilife decided to come into Africa through Nigeria because of her huge population and position in Africa.”

He also said that the products are not drugs but naturally made supplements produced under the best environment and manufacturing practices; suitable for everybody.

Speaking on the possibility of imitation by fraudulent individuals or companies, Iwuchukwu noted that Omnilife products are manufactured with a special technology that ensures its standard, quality and efficacy, which cannot be imitated by any means.

In regards to manufacturing capabilities, it was pointed out that Omnilife owns two manufacturing plants, one in Mexico and one in Columbia; therefore, the availability of its products can be guaranteed.

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