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Breaking down Skyray Ventures founder Nabeel Ahmad’s meteoric rise to success


Nabeel Ahmad

Entrepreneurship has become the next big thing, and more and more young people seem to be on this path. That always leaves us wondering if these individuals were born geniuses, or else how would they be able to achieve high levels of success in such a short time?


Nabeel Ahmad is indeed an entrepreneur whose success began at a young age. Nabeel, who is just 23 years of age now, has quickly risen in the world of entrepreneurship.

Founder and CEO of Skyray Ventures, Nabeel has proved time and again that success is something one can achieve at any point in their life, be it at any age.

Skyray Ventures is a modern-day parent company with a wide range of interests spanning the technology, media, and marketing industries. It has more than 20 companies in its portfolio of companies.

Nabeel seems to have a keen eye when it comes to disrupting the norms and stereotypical methods used in particular industries, such as public relations, digital media, marketing, and many more.

Mogul Press, a PR firm, is one of the most notable companies that marked Nabeel’s success after umpteen failures.

We asked Nabeel what makes Mogul Press different as compared to its competitors, and he expressed that the traditional guesswork model used by most PR firms isn’t that effective.


Nabeel said, “After hundreds of pitches, I had finally cracked the code. I understood what exactly it took to deliver results to clients.” He was able to bypass the traditional guesswork model that most PR firms rely on, and this became the foundation for Mogul Press.

Mogul Press is solely based on results, and not guesswork. Its clients don’t pay for pitching or guesswork, they only pay for results. Mogul Press is a million-dollar company today, and Nabeel aims to scale it even further in 2021.

Nabeel lives on the motto that a strong business simply can’t rely on just an idea, you need effective marketing, a steady business model, and a PR strategy to bring all of it together.

Nabeel’s perspective was a game-changer for entrepreneurs and small business owners to be able to get themselves positioned in the eyes of their target audience, by using the power of strategic media placements.

Furthermore, with all of Nabeel’s accomplishments, he had a successful and perhaps the most aspiring opportunity of working with Walt Disney Studios! He assisted with the marketing and PR for The Lion King in 2019. It was inevitably a box-office hit.


Nabeel’s business and achievements are all over social media, which in return has gained him thousands of followers across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Nabeel believes none of this would have been possible if he had given up after his initial failures. He was well aware and prepared for all the hurdles that he might have to surpass to attain the success he enjoys today.

Despite his young age and fresh experience, Nabeel is a prodigy himself, who continues to prove that working hard is ideal, but you need to work smart as well.


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