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Catholic Knights condemn abortion, IVF, hold vigil




The Lagos metropolitan council of the Knights of St. Mulumba has reiterated their stand on zero tolerance on abortion, which is against their Catholic faith. They have also slated a vigil on abortion, which holds September 16 as part of its Pro-Life activities.

Speaking to The Guardian, the metropolitan grand knight of St. Mulumba Dr. Charles Mbelede noted that a baby’s heart is noticeable by six weeks and during the seventh through the tenth weeks when majority of abortions are performed, fingers and genitals appear and the child’s face is recognizably human. Abortion is pure murder.

“The Catholic church is prolife and has zero tolerance for abortion or contraceptives. The only birth control method approved by the church is the natural or billings method. Part of the risks associated with abortion includes pelvic infection, incomplete abortion risks, blood clots in the uterus, heavy bleeding, cut or torn cervix, puncture/tear of the wall of the uterus and anesthesia-related complications.”

According to Dr. Henrietta Williams, a gynecologist, “Abortion is wrong and it is not just young unmarried women who engage in abortion, but also married women. People have used abortion to replace family planning and this affects families.”
She noted that In vitro fertilization (IVF) is as evil as abortion, since for every one child born through IVF, about five others are destroyed. “You have to implant more babies with the hope that one survives. If all the babies survive, the doctor knows that the mother cannot carry them all and so he kills the others to nurture the number the mother can carry.

Dr. Williams however said that abortion is responsible for increased rate of infertility as it also increases the chances of breast cancer. “Women who have had abortion in the first pregnancy are more likely to develop breast cancer. They are also more likely to have panic attacks, depression and being suicidal.

“Any woman who takes the decision to kill her child needs help and I want to say that people who are involved in women empowerment and have not assisted women in crisis pregnancy have not started at all. Sexuality education is not handing out condoms to young people; according to medical research, the part of the brain that deals with sexuality do not develop till about 25 years, so teenagers cannot be in meaningful and committed sexual relationships.”

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