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Chemical (spiritual) warfare – Part 2



The food of the world
If God wanted a man to do to the vegetables and seeds what we now do to them, He would have said so. We have so refined and processed the things that we eat and these same things are the causes of disease in us.

People like Methuselah in his days ate wheat, unpolished rice, vegetables, fruits and so on, the way they were harvested – fresh and raw. What do we have today? Our wheat is refined to the extent that the flour from it is all white.

The flour is just starch having been rid of all the vitamins, minerals and fiber in wheat. White rice is preferable in modern homes, by the “educated and civilized” woman of today. Polished rice has become the in-thing; it is bereft of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that GOD in all His wisdom had put in it for man. Our table salt today has been described by some scientists as dangerous. It contains only sodium and chloride ions. This is what the refiners and businessmen have done to the natural sea salt that contains eighty minerals, all important and essential to the body.


Apart from the issue of refining, vegetables and fruits are now preserved in cans and bottles with preservatives that are no good to the body. Other additives like sweeteners and colourings that are meant to add value to the food are equally harmful to man. We are not doing better in the kitchen as we prepare food for the consumption of the family. We cook and overcook the food until they are dead until all the nutrients in them have been destroyed by excessive heat. The food that comes out of the kitchen is better described as dead food.

Improvements in technology and industrialization have also contributed their own bit to the harmful things that go into the human system all over the world. The air in most of the cities is so polluted that a dark sooth settles on leaves and the grass every morning, just to show you what we inhale on a daily basis. Chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, all add to the pollution that contaminates our blood. These chemicals and other pollutants affect the water we drink and render the pH of the body fluids acidic.

There are a lot of beverages on the market today that people consume as a replacement for water. These drinks are laden with sugar, which is harmful to the body and caffeine, which is a known diuretic. Together sugar and caffeine ensure that the body is perpetually dehydrated and acidic. These beverages are carbonated and if you did not know carbon dioxide is not only the waste product of metabolism in the body, it is also acid-forming. Why would somebody be ingesting a gas that should be expelled from the body because it is a waste product and harmful to the body? Not only that, it adds to the acidity of the blood and tissues. The beverages expose the consumer to certain of the degenerative diseases.

All these drinks and food types engineered one way or the other together belong to the world and the Christian is still lusting after them. Children of GOD should avoid them. There are substitutes we can take. For instance, we do not have to refine wheat or salt, neither should rice be polished. There is natural sea salt, Celtic salt or Himalayan salt in the shops. In place of polished rice, there are local brands such as Ofada rice or Abakaliki rice which are unpolished. They contain all the minerals and vitamins that are removed when rice is polished. Wheat does not have to be refined before consumption. Wheat flour is full of natural nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

In this part of the world, we have always eaten vegetables and fruits fresh and raw. Preserving and adding all sorts of chemicals to these products was not our style. We should go back to the practice of harvesting these vegetables and transferring same to the soup pot that is already in the fire. Also, talking about the pot on the fire, you want to make sure that you never overcook your vegetables. Such a practice will destroy the nutrients in them. Let me bring this article to a close by saying that we, adults especially should avoid these sweetened, caffeinated and carbonated beverages as much as possible. You can change to fruit juices and smoothies; they are more nourishing. Some are medicinal.

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