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Children yearn for secure, prosperous nation, as Nigeria celebrates 59


Rolayo Amoo-Onidundu

Daily, they listen to tales from their parents and peers on how seamless and effective things work in more organised climes. That, perhaps, explains why Nigerian pupils are perplexed the way things are in their country, as it marks its 59th independent anniversary on Tuesday, October 1st.

In their innocence, they wished they had the powers to undo all the wrongs of the day.

Government Failing In Its Responsibilities
Lucky Obi, 17, SS 2, Sylvester Emmanuel 17, SS 2, Community Secondary School, Oruwurukwu, Rivers State.

GAINING independence means freedom from our colonial masters, and the sovereignty to govern ourselves. But I am not happy with the way things are going on in my country because there seems to be neglect on the part of the government in executing its primary responsibilities to the citizens.


Here in this country, citizens provide water for themselves, generate their electricity, while roads and public schools are in very bad shapes. The one that pains me most is even after suffering to train your children in schools, they graduate and end up without jobs for several years, while politicians reserve the few available spaces in public service for their children. It is heartbreaking.

Many graduates in this country have turned taxi drivers, street hawkers just to make ends meet. My point is that, even if there are no white-collar jobs for all the graduates, governments can set up centres in different states to train youths on various skills and empower them to start up their private businesses. I believe this will go along way to addressing the massive unemployment challenges in this country.

Fight Against Corruption Should Be Holistic
Joshua Michael, 13, SS 1, God’s Gift International School, Port Harcourt.

I am not happy with what is happening in my country Nigeria because there is corruption everywhere. Sometimes, when I am going to school, I usually see police officers disembark passengers from buses, collect bribe from drivers before they letting them go. This affected me one day as I was going to school. So, I think the government should check and monitor the activities of the Nigerian Police and other security agencies to avoid abuse, and the fight against corruption should be holistic and not selective. 

Joblessness Breeding Criminality
Blessing Michael, 12, JSS 3, God’s Gift International School, Port Harcourt.

THE major problem facing us in this country is lack of employment. A huge number of youths in this country do not have jobs and that is why criminal activities remain high. So, I feel that that area needs serious attention. The government can create a good environment, and platforms for jobs to thrive with the provision of electricity and security.


Also, examination malpractice is rising daily in schools due to a lack of quality teachers and teaching aids. So, we need facilities, qualified teachers and teaching aids in schools to make learning easy. 

Our Economy Too Harsh, Too Bad
Sylvester Emmanuel 17, SS 2, Community Secondary School, Oruwurukwu, Rivers State.

THE economy of the country is too harsh, too bad, and some policies put in place by government discourage hardworking Nigerians, and even foreign investors from coming to invest in the country. Consequently, this affects job creations. So, I want Mr. President to consider reviewing some of our stringent policies that are chasing investors away, come up with friendly policies, and make the environment good for business to thrive. Once this happens, we the young ones would have the assurance of a better tomorrow, but as far as I am concerned now, Nigeria seems like a hopeless country, and that is why there is a high level of migration to other countries. The recent attacks of Nigerians in South Africa should be a very big lesson to us. If Nigeria’s economy were to be good, there won’t be such mass exodus of people from this country. 

Govt Should Listen To The People
Chibo David, 14, SS2, Dabitos College, Ilasamaja, Lagos

OUR independence has given us liberty; it has given us the right to fight for our rights and express them; it has given us a chance to make our laws and vote those we want to represent us in government.

So, I expect a lot from the country, but as of now, we know the border has been closed. Yes, I agree with President Muhammadu Buhari on this because he wants us to get familiar with the things that we produce and also make use of them. But shutting down the borders have caused a little more problematic to even people that have reasons to genuinely go in and out of the country doing their businesses. So, I think it should be re-opened again.


I would love President Buhari to take time to listen to the masses directly, and especially to the youths, who are tomorrow’s leaders.

Rich Are Getting Richer, Poor Getting Poorer
Arafat Oladimeji, 13, SS2, Dabitos College, Lagos.

NIGERIA attaining independence came with some advantages and disadvantages. But I think if we had not got our independence, we would have benefitted a lot and would have been more developed and still remain the giant of Africa.

As a student, I expect that more funds should be allocated to the educational sector and the government should focus more on our natural resources to help the country grow better.

The President is doing a good job, but in Nigeria, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. He should not be biased when making decisions.

There Must Be Mutual Respect Among Nigerians
Kolawole Olutomiwa, 8, Amazing Brain College, Lagos.

AS we mark out birthday as a country, it should be a day where everybody is happy and have good thoughts about one another.

I also expect the government to show kindness to the governed and help the people in anyway they can so that they can live a good life.

The president and political leaders should work towards ensuring that there is mutual respect among Nigerians.


I Expect My Country To Show Me Love
Jesu-Feranmi Korede, 8, Amazing Brain College, Lagos.

WHEN we celebrate Nigeria’s birthday, I like and cherish the freedom we have, and I expect love from my country. We should learn to show love and kindness towards one another. I also expect President Muhammadu Buhari to look out for everyone.

Govt Should Pay Attention To Other Ethnic Groups
Oghogho Aisosa, 9, Grade 5, Boldamide School, Lagos.

MY country got her independence in 1960 and in 1963 became a republic. Having our independence helped us to have control over our country, which is no longer under British rule.

With this, I expect good roads and good healthcare services. As a pupil, I should be guaranteed good security.

I think President Muhammadu Buhari is a good man, but he and other political leaders should pay attention to the needs of other ethnic groups, and not a particular one.

Govt Must Ensure Improved Security For Citizens
Nmesoma Daniel, 9, JSS 1, Boldamide Schools, Lagos.

BEING independent has helped us to elect our leaders ourselves, and we now have freedom from our colonial masters. Therefore, I expect steady electricity, security and less corruption.

The President is doing a good job, but I think he and our political leaders should ensure good security for the citizens.


I Expect Quality Education, Standard Amenities, End To Corruption
Bankole Diamond, 9, Grade 5, Boldamide Schools, Lagos.

HAVING fought and won our independence from Britain, as a student, I expect quality education not only for private schools but also for public schools as well. As a citizen, I expect good roads and good pipe-borne water for the country.

I like my President, and he is doing his job well. However, he should work hard to stop corruption in this country.

President, Politicians Should Give Us Affordable, Quality Education
Anosike Esther, 9, Grade 5, Boldamide, Schools, Lagos.

GAINING independence in 1960 and becoming a republic in 1963 is good because it has helped us to be united and have love for ourselves as Nigerians.

I expect good hospital centres, good road networks, and pipe-borne water. As a student I want quality education, good schools, which are affordable too.

The President is a good man he is doing well, but I want more quality education from him and the political leaders.

I Expect A Better Nigeria
Blessing Welenu, 8, Gospel Life Transformation Academy, Port Harcourt.

SINCE a country’s independence means freedom, a situation where the country is not ruled by any other country, or colonial masters, I expect Nigeria to be a better country, where younger generations have hope and look forward to a great future.

I want Mr. President to fix bad roads across the country because there are so many deplorable federal roads across the country, which are impeding smooth movement of goods and services, affect business transactions, aid criminal activities and generally impact negatively on the economy.


We Must Respect Each Other’s Rights
Destiny Chimezie, 13, Primarks International School, Lagos

AS we make merry and have fun over our 59th independence anniversary, I expect that the country should be good enough to help all Nigerians realise their potentials, while attention must be paid to persons that need help.

Our President and political leaders should try to do a better job on our roads, which are in really bad shapes. Citizens should on their part respect the rights of one another and make Nigeria a better place to live in.

Give Us Free Education If Possible
Okalanwa Joshua, 12, Sonny Memorial College, Port Harcourt.

I want the President to ensure steady power supply to encourage entrepreneurs to set up businesses, which will in turn help to tackle unemployment in the country. There is also need for the President to give priority attention to the educational sector. If possible, allow free education so that children of the poor will have the privilege of going to school because high school fees are depriving a lot of children from going to school.

Time To Make Nigerians Smile
Chisom Malachy, 15, Orada International College, Lagos

AS we have fun, live together and also celebrate our freedom, I expect the country to light up the faces of its citizens with smiles because the day reminds us of our freedom. But I am really pissed off with the way things were done in this country in the past.

It’s Time To Make Nigeria Great Again
Sixtus Onyeakazi, JSS3, Eminence Schools, Jabi, Abuja

OCTOBER 1, 1960 remains a day that Nigerians would never forget because it was the day that colonial masters that were treating us as slaves lost their power to do so.


So, I think from what our fathers and grandfathers went through, Nigerians really deserve the freedom that they fought for. 

Therefore, my expectation is that we should tap from the inner strength that God has given us and make the county great again. We should not look at the past, but look at the future and strive to the right things. I believe that we still have the capacity to be great again.

Our leaders should endeavour to provide homes for the homeless, tackle terrorism and make peace with other Africans, including South Africans. I believe Nigeria will be great in the future.

Govt Should Prioritise Security, Affordable Housing
Nwoye Franklin, JSS2, Eminence Schools, Jabi, Abuja.

INDEPENDENCE refers to the freedom that we got from our colonial leaders. So, it is important that Nigerians should not forget this particular day and those who fought for it because they remain very important. If they didn’t fight for our independence, we would have still been slaves. But I think that Nigeria deserves the independence. What I expect from our leaders is that they should find a way of ending the insecurity in the land and make housing affordable. My message to our leaders is for them not to look at the past, but the future because a good leader must have integrity. 

We Need Qualified Teachers, Improved Infrastructure
Abraham Onu, SS1, Government Science and Technical College, Garki, Abuja.

ATTAINING independence is one of the best things that has ever happened to the country. I would say that our leaders are trying, but I think we do not have good infrastructure like roads in the country. They should help us to fix our roads. I want our government to employ more good teachers because our teachers nowadays are not really trying. Some will come into our classes, give us notes to copy and tell us to read ahead, saying that is why they give us scheme of work. I think we really need good teachers. 

Our Leaders Should Re-double Their Efforts
Rolayo Amoo-Onidundu, SS2, Chinnakwe International School, Jabi, Abuja.
NEARLY 60 years of independence, I feel Nigeria has actually gone far and has been able to come out strong despite all odds. We are a developing country, but I still expect more in the nearest future. I feel Nigerian leaders have to put more effort to make the country what they want it to be. The government should create a free and fair political and economic environment so that anyone, no matter the age, religion or status would be able to live, feel safe and secure, wherever they are.

Like every other nation out there, I really feel that we deserve the independence that we got. We are the giants of Africa, even though we most times don’t see ourselves as giants because we still depend on other nations a lot. We need to strengthen ourselves by coming together.


Bad Leaders Stalling Nigeria’s Progress
Abdulazeez Musa, SS1, Model Islamic School, Kubwa, Abuja.

AT 59, the country is still struggling to put basic facilities in place. We don’t have good roads, neither do we have a stable electricity supply. In my area, we hardly have light. Sometimes, we are without power supply for as much as a week. What I think is not allowing us to progress is our bad leaders. Many of them do not think of the poor people in whatever they do. Our leaders should ensure that basic facilities are provided and our schools are up to standard like what we have in other countries, like the USA. 

Corrupt Persons Must Be Jailed, Education Made Free
William Daniel, SS3, Government Science and Technical College, Garki, Abuja.

NIGERIA’S independence is a big day for the country because from what we read, the colonial masters did not treat our forefathers right.

Now, what we need from our leaders is infrastructural development. I want the government to declare free education because many of our parents are not rich and are finding it difficult to pay our school fees. One message I have for the President is that he should ensure that all the corrupt politicians are put in jail. This is because they steal money that should be used to help poor people to survive. I see a great future for the country if the right things are done. 

Borrowed Funds Should Be Judiciously Used
Thanksgiving Ebuka, SS2, Chinnakwe International School, Jabi, Abuja.

FOR 59 years, Nigeria has tried as a country, but there are still a lot of problems that we need to sort out. Right now, we are a developing nation and I believe that in the future, we will be better developed. But our leaders should solve our problems with the money that they are borrowing from other countries. They should also pay attention to rural communities because people there are really suffering to make ends meet. They should try to solve all the small issues here and there and be transparent in whatever they are doing.

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