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Choose to be the best


PHOTO: shutterstock

PHOTO: shutterstock

You are unique and special! You are one and only of your kind, you are a rare success with uncommon accomplishments. You have an extra-ordinary intelligence that is inspiring others to find their voice. You are living for a purpose that is powerful as you. You have the orientation and direction that is out of this world. You are giving lives a new meaning! You are manifesting striking results; you have a quality of life that can outlive your life. You are a rare being who sees things differently.

You have paid the price to bring your vision into reality. You are the reason for the season; you are full of strength and beauty. Your strength of conviction and successful drive to make the world a better place is mind-blowing. You are pushing forth and moving forward! The way you are contributing meaningfully to the growth and development of nations is life-giving. This is the real you that I know and I urge you to choose to be the success you are.

Every one of us is born with the prerogative of determining and the exercise of that prerogative. We have the ultimate freedom to decide how successful we want to become in this life. You and I are responsible for the way we fly our colors respectively. Life and circumstances do not determine our success state. We are endowed with the power to opt for the best; we have the best option. We have been elected to take, adopt or accept only the very best; we have the power to be very successful in this life.

Success is a lifestyle and this lifestyle starts in the mind. Success starts in your complex element that feels, perceives, thinks, wills and especially reasons. The way you feel, perceive, think, will and reason determines how well you will rule the world. What do you allow to operate in your head? What are you fixing your thoughts on? Remember that you are in charge of how you hold things in view. You are also responsible for the things you occupy yourself with. The way you set your mind to work matters a lot.

You have a desire to act in the right direction. You are the right person with the self-mastery of your success. You have the ultimate right to choose your successful lifestyle. You have freedom from doubt, your life is free from wavering; you have the ultimate freedom to make a success. You are free to go through your consideration but there is a better work to do. Do not yield an inch to challenges; have the bit in your teeth and be champing of the bit to progress towards success. Success is an active state of continuous realization of results through the power of choice. You think success and feel the power you need to fully succeed in accordance with your desires.

You make a success and have all things result in gained success for you. You make your mark differently and distinctively. You make a greater difference and transform lives graciously. You make things to result favorably according to plans and desires. You are in charge and on top of things. You are the right person to make what you think and feel to become things you desire. You are responsible for bringing the successful lifestyle you desire into your real life experience. The way you condition your mind to function affects your life and accomplishment.

You need to be brave enough to decide what you truly want to accomplish. You really need to be the bravest of the brave, create solutions that will successfully satisfy your quest for greater fulfillment. You can do the right things by yourself and do very well in this life. You can make a success and get to the top of the success ladder. Make up your mind to reach forth to your dreams and fulfill your purpose for living. You do not waste your time and bury opportunities; make it big and make the big time. Everything is turning out well for you, choose to be the best.
Anyaele Sam Chiyson is an International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational/Financial Speaker, Business/Marriage Consultant.

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