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Cleric hinges Nigeria’s growth on constitution amendment


Founder of Luthful-lah international, Sheikh Abd Malik Robiu Adebayo (middle); Alhaji Abdul Ganiyy Alimson (second right), and other members of the group during a press conference in Lagos.

Founder of Luthful-lah international, Sheikh Abd Malik Robiu Adebayo (middle); Alhaji Abdul Ganiyy Alimson (second right), and other members of the group during a press conference in Lagos.

For Nigeria to survive the current economic and political intrigues posing setback to its progress, the Founder of Lutful-lahi International, Sheik Robiu Abdul Malik, has suggested that the Federal Government should urgently look into issues that needed review in the constitution.

The cleric, who commended the Buhari-led administration for striving to revive the nation, noted that a lot is needed to be done about the current economic situation of the country, which has led to untold hardship for the low-income earners.

He said: “So many people believed that the economic challenges the country is facing today is due to misappropriation of the past administration. The main issue is that most of the problems were untreated and they gravitated into a serious crisis for the country. Every administration keeps on inheriting it and leaving it over for the next administration”.


Sheikh Robiu said: “Nigeria constitution is over-due for amendment, many countries that are not has developed as Nigeria have reviewed their constitutions over time. Loopholes in our constitution are one of the major problems we are facing in the country presently. A lot of things could have gone right, if the constitution was amended. Most especially on the issue of tackling corruption in the country.”

According to him, “issues on corruption were allowed to fester because our judiciary system was ineffective. Lawyers capitalize on technicalities of the law to defend and win cases at the expense of justice equity and fairness. This is making it difficult to identify issues and problems militating against a credible justice delivery system that will build the confidence in the citizenry.

“It is high time Nigeria law was reviewed to tackle issues of corruption, insurgent and abduction because the Federal Government was unable to convict perpetrators under the current provisions of the law. Our laws must be strengthened with our religion both Islam and Christianity. All what is forbidden in the Quran and Bible should not find their ways into our constitution,” he stated.

On insurgency, Sheik Robiu, queried how the Boko Haram sect gets their ammunitions, linking their actions to global politics.

“These weapons were bought from some manufactures. If we want to get to the root of the matter, why can’t government investigate through the manufacturers?”

He therefore enjoined governments to join forces with religious leaders and traditional rulers and task them to monitor people and activities in their terrain.

“The religious leaders should identify all their followers; traditional rulers should identify all occupant of their land while the local council chairman should monitor all the activities in their local council area. With these there is no how strangers will move into the community and perpetrate evil acts. Insurgent will be identified easily and this will make the work easier for police.

“The political leaders are meant to be good leaders, but there are some bad eggs among them jeopardizing the progress of the nation. They need to be reminded of their primary roles. Patriotism must be the arrowhead of politics. Opposition party must be ready to join force with ruling party to move the country forward. If not, we will keep dwindling in the same problem and the poor will keep suffering,” he said.

Sheikh Robiu therefore stressed the reason why the National identity card should be re-introduced.

“With this in place, citizens will be easily identified. It should be a must for every citizen to posses a national I.D card indicating his or her bio-data”.

The I.D card will also be used as a database for the country population that was base on assumption.

He urges the Federal Government to sensitize citizens with vocational trainings most especially those wandering about doing nothing because ‘An idle hand is the devil’s workshop’.

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