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Cleric preaches peaceful co-existence for national development


Lutful-Lahi International has called on Nigerians to love one another to ensure peaceful, equitable and prosperous society and also channel our enormous natural endowments to positive use for the advancement of our teeming population.

During the annual Maolud Nabiyy and special prayer for the nation, the founder of the organization, Shaykh Muhammed Robiu AbdulMalik reiterated the significance of celebrating the birth of the prophet in accordance with Islamic principle to achieve nearness to Allah and showing compassion and kindness towards our fellow human beings and creatures.

He said Maolud gatherings is an effective and efficient means for the purpose of calling people to Islam, to teach and remind the Nation of the Prophet of his good character, his way of worshipping, and his way of treating people.


“The celebration of the Holy Prophet’s birth is motivated by this obligation to love the Prophet, Peace be upon him, to obey him, to remember him, to follow his example, and to be proud of him as Allah is proud of him, since Allah has boasted about him in His Holy Book”.

AbdulMalik said The Prophet emphasized the day of his birth and thanked Allah for the big favor of bringing him to life by fasting on that day as is mentioned in the hadith. Meaning that the Prophet was expressing his happiness for that day by fasting, which is a kind of worship.

Since the Prophet emphasized that day by fasting, worship to emphasize that day is also acceptable but the essence must be kept. Fasting, giving food to the poor, coming together to praise the Prophet, or coming together to remember his good manners and good behavior, all of this is considered a way of emphasizing that day, he said. .

He added that, Maolud celebration is a day meant to know about the Prophet, about his life, about his miracles, about his birth, about his manners, about his faith, about his signs about his seclusions, about his worship.

“”It is incumbent to remember the prophet (SAW) birth, to remind us of everything else about him. This will make Allah happy with us because then we will be able to know the Prophet’s story better, and be ready to take him as an example for ourselves, to correct ourselves, and to imitate him”.

The founder, expressed concern about the rate hate speech, religion and ethnicity were tearing the country apart. “We must quickly arrive at a consensus on a nationally, sustainable, enjoyable pathway to redeem it”.

He urged Nigerians, to give up undesirable habits promptly the moment you realise it is disapproved by Allah, and the determination not to go back deliberately to committing it again,

AbdulMalik charged the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to take prompt action over the denial of Firdaus Amasa from being called to the Bar due to her adorning Hijab. Describing the action as unconstitutional, a violation of her fundamental human rights and a slap on the Muslim community.

He appealed to Nigeria government to maintain its resolution made before and after the elections on behalf of the nation to bring sustainable change. And also appeal to fellow Nigerians to bear in mind that we are in this world only to “do the will of God.” So, let everyone resolves to do so and strive to fulfill the resolution.

He urge Nigerians to turn new leave and make new resolution, love one another and be prayerful to ensure peace in the country. And government should restrain any form of tension before it turns to violence.

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