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Cohen Branden Chorabik on how Smart FBA has grown 200% despite the pandemic


The pandemic, this is a word that leaves a bitter taste in most peoples’ mouths as it has plunged the world into despondency. Businesses have been hit hard and many of them have had to close down for good. It has been extremely difficult to find anything worth celebrating the last year, which is why the world was so ready to be rid of the year 2020.

Though a nightmare for many, 2020 was not all bad as some businesses shone the brightest amidst the pandemic. Cohen Branden Chorabik is not just an entrepreneur but also an e-commerce specialist who is the Co-founder and CMO at Smart FBA.


Over the course of their business, Smart FBA has been taking steps towards their growth. When the pandemic first hit, Smart FBA was gearing up towards their next steps and had not anticipated the amount of growth they have attained amid the pandemic.

According to Cohen, finding the good in every situation has kept him moving in life and this proved true in 2020 as he worked tirelessly to ensure not only the survival of Smart FBA but it’s success.

As a result of the lockdowns, social distancing and other regulations put in place to curb the spread of the pandemic, many people turned to e-commerce for their shopping needs. This has led to the massive growth of e-commerce platforms.

In addition to millions of people turning their shopping to online platforms, businesses have also had to adapt and find new better ways to get their products to their clients without the operation of their physical stores. Cohen notes that in 2020, they have gained more than 200 new clients and are looking forward to scaling even higher heights.

In addition to closing new clients, Smart FBA has also acquired a warehouse that will help them hold tons of items for their clients. The explosive growth has come as a result of a need that became more prevalent due to the pandemic.

Going into 2021 and the future, Cohen is positive that they are just getting started and will only grow bigger and better. Even after the pandemic is long gone, it has already effected a change that will be hard to turn around.

Smart FBA is the future of e-commerce and many people are beginning to realize and appreciate this fact. He further states that their growth in 2020 served to remind them that their vision is achievable.


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