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COVID-19: ‘Visit salons when absolutely necessary’


Since the Federal Government eased restrictions on businesses and movements as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many Nigerians have eagerly returned to their former way of living, going about their daily affairs, as if all is well. Some businesses have also resumed, and are gradually regaining their rhythm.

And though certain safety measures are expected to be observed everywhere, to curb spread of the virus and protect the people, The Guardian observed that many residents are oblivious of the need to really maintain these standards. They are carrying on as in the pre-COVID-19 days.

This could be dangerous, especially in certain workplaces, such as barbing and hairdressing salons, where clients could be easily exposed to the virus. As customers share things in these places, it would be stating the obvious that everything possible is done to ensure that all safety measures are put in place.


Dr. Oluseyi Temowo of Lagos State Aids Control Agency said it is imperative that individuals going for manicure and pedicure observe adequate preventive measures, just like the service providers.

He enumerated such preventive measures to include, social distancing, hand sanitising and the use of face masks, which should be observed religiously, as the virus is very much around.

He said: “It is not good for the hair to be untidy; otherwise it might be a potential source of contamination. If the hair is not well kept, it could aid in the spread of the virus. For example, a doctor’s hair could be contaminated, while attending to patients or doing a procedure that has fluid. There are other professions and services that make it easy for the hair to be infected.

However, it is very safe to do manicure and pedicure, provided the customer and the trader are well kitted in the preventive measures.”

He, however, explained that hair stylists for men must dispose their waste frequently, even more than before and decontaminate their own aprons and those for customers after each use.

“Similarly, hair dressers must wash all their hair setting equipment in chlorinated water and ensure proper hygiene measures. This must be done regularly. Also, the customers must use their face masks at all time, while they are at the salon, just like the hair dressers.”

In his view, individuals should only visit the salon when absolutely necessary, as for instance, when in need of major services.

“Minor ones can be done at home,” he explained. “This is to reduce the risk of getting infected. There is high risk of contamination, when barbers use the same cover cloth (aprons) for all customers without decontaminating them after each use. Similarly, women should regularly clean their gadgets in chlorinated water, which is ideal. Otherwise, customers could inadvertently be exposed to the virus.”


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