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Creatures of chaos: creating order

By Lanre Olusola
30 January 2020   |   1:39 am
There is a theory in mathematics called the Chaos Theory. The theory surmises that within every chaos or chaotic body, there is a self-ordering system. To better understand this, imagine beads poured out from a small bag on the ground.

There is a theory in mathematics called the Chaos Theory. The theory surmises that within every chaos or chaotic body, there is a self-ordering system. To better understand this, imagine beads poured out from a small bag on the ground. At first glance, the beads will form a chaotic mess on the ground but if you look closely, you will find that the beads have formed some patterns. You see some form of order in the chaotic mess that the beads had supposedly formed. The scattering – formed by the chaos, formed the pattern. The pattern was not designed intentionally; it was a natural result of chaos.
That is how life is for most people. They are products of chaos. All of the order they have in their life, on close scrutiny will be seen as offshoots of chaos.

Let us take the case of Tayo, a child born to a family of four. As he grows into his second birthday, he is sent to school, he begins either from Kindergarten or Nursery school. The moment he outgrows this level of schooling, he proceeds to primary school, and then Secondary school. And as he outgrows that too, he joins the herd searching for a University education. All of this progress may seem much planned and intentionally orchestrated but then, Tayo has just followed a script. He finishes university and the next milestone is that he finds a job, maybe gets married and then he begins to propagate his name in children.

This sense of progress in Tayo’s life, his entire journey was orchestrated by chaos and he is none the wiser. The script he ran was created by life. The order in his life was created by chaos. The thing with order created by chaos, is that for those whose life had been created in this manner, the tendency is strong for them to look at that order and think that, that is all they can get from life. They focus so much on maintaining that “pseudo” order and may never tap into their real capacity or even live up to the full promise that their lives can hold.

It is not until Tayo meets a different kind of chaos that he will begin to reassess his life and ask the questions that will cause him to begin to question the source of the order that his life held over the years.The big questions I ask every time I have to help my clients create and design an outstanding life is this:
• How much order do you have in your life?
• How much of that order was created by chaos?
• How much of that order did you intentionally create?

The answers they give to those questions always astound me. But then, in my years of practice, I have seen serious semblance in the answers of my varying clients. I personally believe that your life begins to make real sense when you decide to take charge of how much order you want to see in your life. Intentional living is about deciding that you will create the order you want in your life; that you will not settle for the order that chaos has created.

To settle for the order that chaos has created is similar to living off the crumbs that falls from the proverbial ‘Masters’ table. It is settling for what life randomly rations to you. Life is not fair and that is a fact; but then, life is not wicked. The universe is designed to ration its resources among its many children. Mother earth has currently about 7.4 billion lives to cater for and as such she would do her best to ensure everyone gets a bite. But the bite is not all you are capable of.

You begin to discover your true capacity when you decide to place a demand on life and take the reins from the elements. Your acquaintance with your true capacity begins the moment you decide to create something out of your life. Something that chaos cannot ever be able to allow you touch.What you have is not all that you can have. Who you have become is not all you that have the capacity to become. If the person you are now was not intentionally created, then that person is a creature of chaos. Time, place, people, situations and information coalesced to create that person. That person is the product of rationed resources.

To transcend, you need to first decide the form you want to take and then you proceed to create that person.There are six levels of creating order out of your chaos. The first level is Belief. You have to believe that you can be more that you are. Belief is the foundational level for creating anything. If you don’t believe you can be, you won’t ever BE.

The second level of creation is Imagination/ Visualization. The moment belief takes root, and then imagination comes alive. Your life has always taken the shape of your most prominent imaginations. Imagination is from the root word imaging – which is to hold an image in mind or on a matter. That’s the principle the camera runs on. It freezes an image of a precise moment in the past. Herein lies the power of imagination. Like the camera, you can with your imagination, freeze a precise moment – in the FUTURE.

The third level of creation is Documentation. Once you capture that precise person of your future, write it down, describe the details of what you saw, hear and felt. It is the picture that has been written down, that can become a major source of inspiration and motivation. If you believe you can be it, then capture the image of who you want be and write it. Document the future. What’s most important in documentation is that you write down the things you will need to do to make that picture real.

The fourth Level of creation is Affirmation. Turn what you have documented into a powerful affirmation. Say those words over and again to yourself. Never stop saying them for it is the word that inadvertently becomes Flesh. Thoughts become words and words become things.The fifth level of creation is Framing. You need to get visual representation of the picture you have imaged, frame it and leave it in a place where you can always see it. For as the ancients put it, “You become what you behold.”

The sixth level of creation is Accountability. You need someone to hold you responsible and accountable for making the picture real. You need to get a coach to work you through everything you have said you will do to become that picture. You need someone to help you paint the milestones that line the way to your future. Get a Coach!

You can be more than a creature of chaos. You can create the life you Deserve and Desire. To help you create order out of chaos, connect with us at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy to have one of our coaches work with you. Call us on 08077077000 or send an email to info@olcang.com
Chukwuemeka Ezeogu Head, Academy and Coaching Services

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