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Debate rages on major causes of COVID-19 hospitalisation, deaths


With research ongoing to contain the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) globally, a Nigerian scientist, Dr. Bayo Olufunwa has claimed that medical practitioners are not focusing on the main cause of related deaths.

Global statistics by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that about 14,538,094 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 607,358 deaths have been recorded.

Olufunwa, who is the Managing Director, Samolus Agrovet Services Limited, said ionic hypocalcaemia, which is the major cause of Covid-19 death, has remained largely unrecognised and poorly understood by most doctors globally, which has caused millions of deaths in man and animals over several decades.

Hypocalcaemia is a state of low calcium levels of less than 2.1 mmol in the blood serum, which is caused by Vitamin D deficiency among other causes. Its symptoms may include numbness, muscle spasms, seizures, confusion, brain damage or cardiac arrest.


Olufunwa who was developing a product, found that critically ill COVID-19 patients, who suffer from cardiac arrest and cardiac arrhythmias are due to the severe systemic form of the ionic hypocalcaemia.

He noted that those with vitamin D deficiency are more critically affected with COVID-19 than those not having the deficiency. He added that vitamin D is involved in immunity development and makes the body resistant to many diseases, including respiratory diseases of which COVID-19 is one of them.

“Recent research by scientists discovered that an ordinary hypocalcaemia, which involves both reduction in the bound calcium and free calcium is far less deleterious than ionic hypocalcaemia, which can completely extirpate the function of calcium in the body if sustained and this have confused the medical community for decades. They don’t really know the fatal effect of ionic hypocalcaemia,” he said.

Speaking at a conference to make known his findings, Olufunwa said those treating COVID-19 patients should test for calcium ions deficiency in the blood from severely affected patients.

Meanwhile, Olufunwa noted that administering vitamin C to patients with COVID-19 would completely prevent mortality in patients otherwise destined to die, while for patients on ventilators, the drug cuts the risk of deaths from 40 percent to 28 percent. He also added that combining dexamethasone, remdesivir, and other drugs for Covid-19 treatment with Vitamin C would bring mortality to zero and reduce hospitalisation time significantly.

“Daily administration of four to 12 grams of vitamin C, depending on the severity in three or four divided doses in patients with more than mild infection will prevent death from COVID-19.

Also, vitamin C will stop the hypocalcaemia effect from affecting the brain and heart. So long as they give vitamin C or any other blood acidifier we can use it during the difficult period and maintain the blood cage. If it is done like that, there will be no more mortalities of COVID-19,” he said.


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