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Detoxification, weight loss boost


Fresh fruits and vegetables broth used for detoxification (inset: Prof. Oladapo Ashiru)

<span style="color: #ff0000;">Fresh fruits and vegetables broth used for detoxification (inset: Prof. Oladapo Ashiru)</span>

*Women seeking to conceive should not eat stockfish
*WHO recommends losing at least 5% of body mass if obese
*Center provides for general wellness, anti-ageing, beauty and cosmetics

Are you seeking to get pregnant without success? Have you been battling with potbelly, stretch marks (cellulites), acne and wrinkles? Supervised and regulated medical detoxification and losing at least five per cent of one’s body weight may be the answer.

A fertility expert, joint pioneer of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)/Test Tube Baby in Nigeria and Medical Director Medical Art Centre (MART) Group of Health Services and MART Life Detox Clinic, Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, told The Guardian in an exclusive interview ahead of opening of Mart-Life Medical Wellness, Beauty and Anti-Aging Center Shonibare Estate, Maryland, Lagos: “Following my pioneering effort in IVF, recognizing the need to increase the success in this field, the MART Diagnostic Centre was set up. Because it was clear that after the success of Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards in IVF, IVF proliferated around the world and Nigeria was lucky to join this group in 1989 with the success of the first IVF baby.”

Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards, (September 27, 1925 to April 10, 2013) was an English physiologist and pioneer in reproductive medicine, and IVF in particular. Along with the surgeon Patrick Steptoe, Edwards successfully pioneered conception through IVF, which led to the birth of Louise Brown on July 25, 1978.

Ashiru said since then a new technique was developed, the so called Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PIGD) in order to eliminate chromosomal abnormalities especially in old age people- advanced maternal age and also to eliminate some specific in born diseases.

He further explained: “It was also my desire to also pioneer in this area in Nigeria. So we put in effort to start our own research and start our clinical work in this field. We had success in this field in 2010. We had the first baby from established PIGD, specifically for chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome and for family balancing. That is if you want a female baby, we can select it and if you want a boy, we can select it as well. These services commenced at MART in 2010.”

Ashiru said despite the introduction of PIGD, which was also meant to increase the success rate in IVF, some people were still not getting pregnant and that brought in the fact that environmental toxins play a role in IVF.

The fertility expert said the clinic proceeded to go into the recognition of the fact based on my basic research in reproductive toxicology that there are some toxins that can actually affect the reproductive process, either the sperm or the ovary.

The medical director said he went on to start the MART Life Detox Centre to remove toxins from the mother, intending mother or the intending father. He said to compliment these efforts; the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognize the fact that infertility is a human right issue. “So every couple, every female, every male has the right to have babies if they want and hence infrastructures must be provided to assist them,” Ashiru said.

He further explained: “So we are happy that we have such infrastructures to address the UN and WHO stipulation. WHO further stated that everybody that wants to have baby, especially the overweight people should ensure that they lose at least five per cent of their body weight and this was approved in the guidelines, which I was happy to be part of at the Geneva approval for guidelines for infertility. We also went further that people should also make sure that they remove toxins that can affect reproduction.

“These have been recognized by American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine that there are toxins around and especially a woman that wants to have baby should not eat large fish or stock fish because they contain mercury, which can prevent conception and other toxins that can have consequences even on the baby yet unborn.”

Ashiru said the MART Life Detox Centre was set up to address these issues, to remove toxins either from bad eating or from eating toxic foods or toxins that are available in the environment, which people have no control over such as pesticides, insecticides, oil fossils, diesels and so much more of such toxins. “So when people now go through these, they now go for their fertility treatment and it increases their success of fertility,” he said.

The joint IVF pioneer said as a follow up to that, the industry has come up with new techniques, new equipment to assist in the removal of such toxins from the body and thereby cause general well being, good health, anti-ageing and beauty and remove ugliness of the face usually due to toxins. “So this is the new addition we have added to MART Life Detox Centre,” he said.

Ashiru said Mart-Life Medical Wellness, Beauty and Anti-Aging Center now has a comprehensive approach, tapping technology and experience from various part of the world, starting from the United States (US) to the United Kingdom (UK) to Austria, to Italy and Germany. He added: “All these things are now in one location in Lagos. So there is no need for anyone to think that they have to go out of this country to go and have the so called health spa or luxury treatment you want for yourself just to improve your well being or to detox or to do so many other things in your body to make it good and at least to prolong life, and if there are diseases to help to eliminate or ameliorate some of these problems.”

You are set up to boost chances of fertility by detoxifying the man and woman. Beyond that what other services do the facility offer? Ashiru explained: “It is for beauty and general well being and as a health spa that people can now go to just to improve their general well being and also to improve their beauty. It is also good for intending couples or intending bride to go there and spend a day or two and refit herself and improve her chances of getting pregnant.”

What services are now available at MART Life Detox Centre? Ashiru who is also an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, US, said: “The first group of services that you have is what we call the bioenergetics testing. That was something that was developed by a scientist in the US that uses the fact that the human body has bioenergetics signals and this machine will scan the whole body for possible toxins and pathogens and will also determine, which organize are weak or stressed and also suggest therapy for those organs. This is coupled with our routine general medicine where we do the blood test and blood analysis.

“So we combine all these together to provide customized treatment for individual patient. It will also test the patient’s food allergy because the saying is, ‘the food of a blacksmith is poison to a fisherman.’ So we will decide which food the individual need in order to eat.”

Ashiru said the MAYR therapy is based on five basic principle: “Rest- the patient or the individual will rest; then simplification means you give them simplified diets which contain all the essential diet and no more. Because the tendency is that we tend to overeat and create more toxins along the line. So we give them simplified diet. Then cleansing which is the hallmark of MAYR, to clean the intestine, to make it look like that of a baby and many things are available to do this.

“We have solutions we give them, we have colon hydrotherapy and colon irrigation to clean the colon and empty it. All these are given to clean from below and we drink fluid, special fluid and herbal fluid to clean from above. When you are cleaning like that, you must then use some other things to assist the cleansing and some of those things have to come through the skin.

“So we have physiocap, infrared rays, sun and steam to cleanse the skin. Beyond that you now clean the lungs and body tissues by giving oxygen. This oxygen we give do not only clean the lungs but the cells of the body, which oxygen cannot reach. There are two types of oxygen supplies that we have there. One machine is called C Oxygen, which gives cellulite oxygen, which is like antioxidant, which can prevent against cancer.

“The second machine is called hypoxicator, which gives oxygen at different levels. It gives oxygen at about 30 per cent. The oxygen in the air we have is 22 per cent or 21 per cent but it will give oxygen at about 30 per cent and now it will now go for about five minutes and then it will expose the patient to three minutes of oxygen at about 13 per cent. At that percentage of oxygen the ageing mitochondria will die. You know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the body and the food of the mitochondria is oxygen.

The ageing mitochondria in our body do not have the ability to survive when the oxygen is low so they will die off but when you now increase the oxygen to 30 per cent they will multiply. So a young man or woman of 20 years has many powerful mitochondria in him or her. But a man of 65 or 70 the mitochondria is now going down and when you expose them to this oxygen, it tricks the body and you now replace all the ageing mitochondria with the new ones. So you will now have the energy and the ability of a twenty year old even though he or she is 70, so that is the hypoxicator machine.”

Ashiru further stated: “The next machine is the colon irrigator and colon hydrotherapy. Then we have lymphatic massage and the physiotherm. The physiotherm exposes the skin to oxygen and opens the pore and improve circulation and air will come especially to the ageing ovary and the testis. So those are the things we have to assist the cleansing.

“The next we have is the lymphatic massage to drain the body and to rest the body and then the abdominal treatment to remove the pot belly, compress it so that it puts the abdominal organs back to their anatomical positions and this has to be done by a doctor who understands the anatomy of the body.

“Lastly we have auto-molecular supplements, that is bio identical products that will not harm the body. These are medications made, most of them are in liquid for, supplements given to the body to replace the ageing ones and that is the whole basis of MAYR- rest, cleansing, diet and then the various applications that is abdominal therapy and auto-molecular supplements just like vitamins.

“That is what we had before. We have now added in collaboration with Piroche in Italy new machines to assist in these things. The first one is called the lympho drainer. The lympho-drainer is to assist the toxins in the lymph vessels to come out because toxins that come from what we eat and other products metabolized by the liver. When the liver is tired, the rest of the toxins are sent to the lymphatic system into the blood where the lymphocytes will attack them. But when they are in excess they will congest.

“So the lymphatic system is congested. This is what will lead to various joint pains, backache and general ugliness of the body. So the lympho drainer will go to all these lymph circulation and stimulate them and drain the lymph vessels of the toxins in such a way that these structures are pumped out of the body and you can drain different parts of the body like the face so that the skin will now be smooth and all the blemishes, all the acne will disappear.

“We also have ultra sound excel, which is using ultra sonic energy to mobilise the various organs system to penetrate into the tissues and dispose any substances that are toxic in them and this is called the Dia-Mix machine…”

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