Saturday, 27th November 2021
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Discovering your why

What is your why? It’s your reason for waking up in the morning, it’s the philosophy that drives you to excel, to become a better person, and it is the source of your motivation as an individual.

What is your why? It’s your reason for waking up in the morning, it’s the philosophy that drives you to excel, to become a better person, and it is the source of your motivation as an individual. I’m a firm believer that motivation is not generated externally, it’s an enlightening process that happens within you, propelling you to a life of excellence.

But there is one simple attribute you can muster up this moment that will bring you into alignment. Most of the masters that have walked the earth did so with peace and content in their hearts because they knew this secret. It is so ridiculously obvious to some, but not so apparent to others.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters,” Audrey Hepburn.

The Here and Now
It’s about being present and living in the moment. Too many times in life we let things get in the way of us truly enjoying each and every moment. It’s one of the biggest mistakes people make, and they do so unknowingly.

Being in the moment is what lets you enjoy life and be fully in tune with it, bringing happiness to your life. When you are not present in the moment, your body is present, but your mind is not. You are only thinking or worrying about other things instead. What you’re doing is wasting your time and the time of others. Snap out of it. Be present in each and every moment that you are blessed with. Enjoy those around you and the experiences that you are currently having.

This very moment will never happen again exactly the same way, so you might as well be present and enjoy it to its fullest potential as well as make it enjoyable to those around you, all by being present in the moment. You can have all those things we described above, from the fast cars to big boats, but if and only if you are present mentally; otherwise these moments won’t stay with you long enough to matter.

Be Grateful
Sometimes we get caught up in our 21st century problems and complain when our Internet isn’t working fast enough, or if our phone dies too fast. Yes it is pretty evident that we as a generation and a population have become a bit spoiled on just about every aspect of life.

We have lost the hustle and expect to be babied, having everything handed to us for the rest of our lives, expecting things to always fall into place for us. This is basic entitlement, I see able-bodied men looking for handouts everyday and getting upset when they don’t receive. What we all need to do is stop being babies and appreciate what we have been blessed with in this world.

There are many out there that don’t even have half of what you have, and only dream of your life and the opportunities that you have in front of you. We as a generation has managed to take all of this for granted and have forgotten that it takes hard work to truly get what we want out of life. Before you try to get more out of life, try being grateful for what you already have. If you can’t be grateful now, what makes you think that you will appreciate anything else that you acquire along the way?

Respecting Yourself and Others
Also you need to love yourself and purpose in life. Once you have those two things you will be able to propel your passion in life and allow yourself to wake up every morning and start the day running rather than being miserable, wanting to go back to sleep. Once you attain the love, that is when you attain the respect for others and receive their respect back. Passion is what drives us.

“Respect yourself and other will respect you.” Confucius

Everything on this planet has a presence, from the rocks, plants and animals, to the soil, worms, and the very core of the earth itself. If you cannot see or feel this to be true, this article will not resonate with you.

Be Healthy
Some of us forget the folk tale saying that your wealth means nothing without your health. What are you going to do? Be the fattest and richest guy in the cemetery? No, to truly enjoy life you need to stay healthy and keep a balance in your mind and in your body. I read an article recently by a fairly successful gentlemen his workout time is more important that his company. This, to me, is more than just an idea; it needs to be common practice.

This life was made for your enjoyment not for you to just throw away and take your body for granted. Eat healthy, exercise and be in shape because that is something that comes with success as well, and is a part of being excellent.

Living an excellent life is a lot simpler than you have ever thought. Stop complicating your life and begin with changing your life by starting with yourself, everything else will follow. Once you have created the perfect balance, created the perfect connection between your mind and your body, that is when you live an excellent life, a life full of true peace.

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