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Driving Change



Let me wish you all a happy new decade!
My charge to us all is that;
As we end one decade and enter another, we Must enter the new decade with Vision, Insight, Foresight, Clarity, Direction, Boldness, Courage, and Enterprise.
To Survive, Succeed and Grow in your career, business and life in 2020 and beyond you will be required to:
1. Embrace, Spearhead Change and Personally Change
2. Dynamically and Skillfully deploy the various Principles of the Ant and the Eagle.
These are the two critical things that I will be start sharing this year though this article and the next one.
Why do we need to Personally Change and also Spearhead Change?
2020 in Nigeria and Africa will be very tough, volatile, unpredictable and difficult for the rigid, inflexible and the people who are unwilling to Change.

The fact that you’ve been this same person, done this, dusted that, gotten all the stripes and tee shirts may actually be your blind spot as this may account for nothing at the end of the day with the wind of change that is blowing.


The fact that you’ve been in that business/profession or you have done that thing for so many years may actually be your Achilles heel.
The fact that you’re an expert in a sector and you’re very knowledgeable in a specific field may actually destroy your future career or business.
The past is the past – Leave it behind!!!
The future is ahead – Court it Wisely!!!
In 2020 and beyond, the Lack of Innovation and Creativity will kill many businesses and careers because the 4th Digital Industrial Revolution is upon us.
2020 and beyond will be given to those who personally change, lead change, are open minded, futuristic and have insight in addition to foresight.

To SURVIVE, SUCCEED and GROW In 2020 and beyond, take note of the following:
Avoid the most critical barriers of change: such as Lack of Trust in Self and Faith in a Better Future, Complacency, Insincerity, Fear of the unknown, Lack of Innovation and Creativity, Fear of loss of job and/or security, Fear of failure and Lack of Building the right Systems, Processes and Structure.

Ask and answer the following critical questions:
What specific changes need to be made? From re-structuring your personal life, marriage, friendships etc; to work related matters such as, your entire business, career, department, processes, systems, structures and finally to changing your business/career vision, mission, core values, brand, culture, etc.

Who and what will these changes impact the most? You, to your family, friends, acquaintances, employees, colleagues, customers, stakeholders, etc.
How will the required changes impact everyone? Consider the biggest impact to your personal life – happiness, fulfillment, peace, love life, marriage, spirituality, purpose, satisfaction, progress, prosperity, friendships, family etc; to the workplace – your employees, employers, colleagues; to your collective productivity, performance and even your organization’s profitability.

For organizations, business owners, employers, ponder on the following questions:
Do people need to be laid off?
Who needs to be laid off?
What will be the impact on them, emotionally and financially?
What roles and job tasks need to change?
What projects do you need, don’t need and may need to be cancelled?
What products, services and even customers must you focus on and which ones do you need to let go of?
How will all this impact your overall desired outcome?
How will you manage all this change?
Do you have the requisite change management skills and expertise?
Do you have a systemic and structured approach to this change that is required?
How are you preparing to support, and help the individuals that will be affected by the change that must happen?
How would you transition the organization seamlessly from where it currently is to where it needs to be?
How do you plan to manage the psychological and emotional climate that will be created by this wind of change?
What critical change drivers do you need to put in place, how and when?
What technological evolution, process reviews, crisis management responses, consumer responses, change pressure reactions, new business/customer entrants, resources (Human, knowledge, financial), programs do you need to establish in the short, medium to long term?
How do you plan to build the right organization, with the right people, winning teams, discipline, behavior, attitude, strategy and culture?
How do you plan to Create the right Vision, Mission, Values and Culture?
How do you plan to Align your Vision, Mission, Values with your Culture?
How do you plan to Ensure that your people Embrace and Run with your Vision, Mission, Values and Culture?
I’m sure you’re thinking WOW!!!
I don’t have the expertise and it’s a lot of work … shouldn’t I just remain as I am?
The collateral damage will be consequential if you do Nothing!!!

What happened to companies like Blockbuster Videos, Kodak, BlackBerry, Motorola, Alcatel, Nokia with products/services like the Walkman, Disc-man, vidéo clubs etc when new entrants like Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Facebook etc, created products like ITunes, Ipods, IPhones etc? They killed those companies that failed to Change and Innovate.

I had to do this personally for myself and my business between June and October 2019
According to Albert Einstein, you cannot continue to do the same old thing over and over again and expect different outcomes. To solve a problem, you have to go to a higher level of thinking and reasoning above that which created the problem.
It was Mahatma Ghandi that said, “You Must become the Change that you seek in others”
I believe that; For anything around you to Change; you Must first Change.

In 2020 and beyond if you don’t want to be where you have always been; where you no longer want to be; or left behind; then you Must Boldly Embrace and Drive Change in your personal life and/or career/business.

Whether you like it or not, Change is coming Big Time, it’s only a matter of when and who is driving it!!!
The Plane is about to take off….so are you boarding the flight into the future or not?

If you need help with Change call me Now on 08098883555 or email me Now on
Look out for the Principles of Survival, Success And Growth in 2020 and beyond in my next article (Critical Lessons from the Ant and Eagle)


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