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28 July 2015   |   11:49 pm
Readers’ reactions to stories trending on The Guardian website, and the social media as compiled by AKINLOLU OLUWAMUYIWA Trending Yesterday... On Twitter •‪Femi Gbajabiamila‬ •‪Hazard‬ •‪#IprayByKAYSHANOR‬ •‪#ObamaInEthiopia‬ •‪#9jaSafeAwards2015‬ • Filipe Luis‬ •‪#GoodLovingVideo‬ •‪Senate‬ •‪Tolu‬ •‪Bale‬ @Alex Lugard With what is happening in the Senate now, will they be in the right frame of mind…

Wonder CopyReaders’ reactions to stories trending on The Guardian website, and the social media as compiled by AKINLOLU

Trending Yesterday… On Twitter
•‪Femi Gbajabiamila‬
• Filipe Luis‬

@Alex Lugard
With what is happening in the Senate now, will they be in the right frame of mind to confirm the service chiefs?

Now that Femi Gbajabiamila is the house leader, I hope they will now commence full legislative activity. Shame on the enemies of democracy

Buhari’s meeting with APC’s NASS factions deadlocked
Elegbere Zomida says: “Nigerians need more than those plastic smiles and embrace of Dogara and Gbajabiamila. Nigeria’s overall interest should be uppermost in their minds. They should listen to the passionate pleas of Mr. President and work for Nigeria.”
Richardson: “I am sure that our NASS do not belong to any individual. So, if the houses decide to elect their leaders that decision is sacrosanct. The constant efforts or attempts to present Gbajabiamila by a section of APC leadership against the clear wish of the elected members of the house of Representatives amounts to unacceptable interference and our President, rightly will not be part of it.’’
Sanusi Minjibir: “Our legislators need to return to a governance agenda otherwise this administration and Nigerians generally will not be absolved from all shocks.’’
Future Governor: “Using government resources for party purpose is corruption on his own. This meeting should have been held on a Saturday outside government facility. No outsider is stoking the fire in APC.’’
Ali Abdulkadir: “That is mere wishful thinking. When the head is rotten, the body is useless. Buhari happens to be the head of APC and from all indications, he is no where near rotten. The current disagreement in APC will be resolved and Nigeria will be restored.’’

We’ll appoint only
patriotic, decent Nigerians as ministers
Ebaah Odibo says: “It is an indictment of the ruling APC, and the Nigerian political class that PMB cannot easily find patriotic and decent men among them. I advise PMB to use the Jerry Rawlings of Ghana method. Starting from APC and then into PDP.’’
Curti Uwuigbe: “I think the main thing is to ensure the rules of engagement are understood and obeyed. PMB is only limited to the past records of decent and patriotic Nigerians for ministerial appointments. Therefore, even if he cannot get 100% decent/patriotic Nigerians, he should appoint them and allow the agencies/institutions, laws, policies and procedures do the checks on.’’
Offor: “That’s ok. Well-accepted. We will wait patiently for the appointments.’’
Vwisdom: “Mr. President, if you are looking for saints as ministers, you won’t get them before September, nobody is perfect. You can only set out standards and daily monitoring for your ministers.’’
Amador Kester: “And there are millions of them from every tribe, every religion, in politics, outside politics, everywhere. Many are incorruptible too. The president has to be careful with the type of advisers around him.’’
Ukoette Ibekwe: “Mr. President, it seems you are trying to build a utopian government.”
Paul Graham: “Mr. President is looking for a virgin in a maternity ward.’’

PDP challenges FG to publish expenses since May 29
Ojiyovwi says: “The role of opposition in politics is to rightly hold the incumbent to account. In this regards, the PDP should be applauded for making such a telling start even if it is just to remind the APC that it has not gone away to lick its wounds. Now the PDP should embark on trust and delivery in the states in which it governs.’’
Ify Onabu: “I thought that every administration’s expenditure is appropriated in the yearly budget. So who has given Buhari the approval to disburse billions of naira and dollars since 29th May 2015? Is this part of the change agenda of the new dispensation?’’
Utolason: “The budget for 2015 was passed under Jonathan administration. The budget remains in force until December 2015, unless amended. It’s that simple.’’
Emmanuel Kalu: “it is becoming worrisome that we haven’t seen any economical policy, and the policy like maintaining subsidy is a bad one. For this president to maintain something that is clearly stained with corruption and yet say it is for the people is just wrong. No where have they said if you remove subsidy Nigerian’s would be paying N500.’’
Chris Akuabata: “After reading this report I now believe and know that the allegation is rather uncalled for.’’

Sacked Keshi demands N1b from NFF
AriseNigeria says: “Keshi should get a loan somewhere to take care of his family. Nobody owes him anything.’’
Shahokaya: “Does this keshi have a relationship with Ibo?’’
Benbella: “What has Ibo got to do with the man’s rights to do whatever he feels is good for him, Of course his employer can hire and fire him. There is nothing he can do about that.’’
Esther C Okwuy: “They ought to pay him off. That is the tradition. Keshi is right.’’
Adetunji Amoo: “Why the hues and cries about somebody demanding for damages for unlawful termination of contract without the required notice of intent by another party? Hope NFF action is not a vendetta.’’
Fbbernard: “An agreement is an agreement. A fundamental breach of agreement demands a resolution by way of compensation to the aggrieved party, in this case to Keshi. He therefore has legal rights to bring an action against the NFF.’’
Friday Etito: “Keshi’s demands is in order, NFA is wrong.’’
Abdulhammeed Horlarmileykan: “I think he deserves to be paid off since he was sacked. Keshi, you must be joking by demanding N1 billion.’’
Knowthetruth: “Nigeria in particular does not know how to treat their heroes. This was a guy that transformed our football that was in total comatose to a winning side. And all you do is treat him like he is a nobody.’’
Eyesofman: “Well, he was well rewarded for his efforts by the nation, or what else do you want to be done for him? Are you saying that his patriotism is more than the average Nigerian soldier or the policeman? Keshi should be grateful he has his labour recognized by the powers that be, he should go and enjoy his earnings.’’
Danny: “I saw this coming the day they announced Keshi’s sack.’’
Jarjah: “NFF should counter sue him for N4 billion for a breach of contract.’’

Jalopy2 CopyWhat next after the U.S. road show
Isaac Oghogho says: “There is a need to change the current structure of Nigeria through the implementation of the National Conference by PMB. Only then can the country have true fiscal federalism. A situation where over 90% of revenues go to the central government makes state governors beggars and lazy.’
AA: “At least some people understand the real issues. Unfortunately, we are misled by the hypocritical campaign of change. They don’t even have any idea of the kind of change the country requires.’’
Edim Asekong: “Timely piece. Those who have ears let them hear. All that is needed is the courage to pull down this house and rebuild the same. All that we see is like the blind leading those with sight.’’
Okwuchukwu: “The civil war alliance is the power at the center now. It led Nigeria nowhere in the last 45 years and it will lead us nowhere in the years ahead.’’
Hims: “You stick too much of everything for the president to solve as if all the national predicaments are only the sole responsibility of the man at the top to correct. The Nigerian system of government functions based on three tiers: executive, legislature and the judiciary with each having a defined constitutional responsibility. The presidency cannot usurp the powers of either of the two. The root of our problems needs to be the center for a permanent solution.’’
Olakante: “We always try to throw spanner into any good and sensible contribution made by others. After your observations what is the solution you proffered? The whole buck ends with the president in Nigerian system. He should push for the implementation of the resolves of the National Conference. After we play the ostrich the reality will stare us on the face.’’