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Experts seek awareness on cyber security education

By Ujunwa Atueyi
20 September 2018   |   4:21 am
In a bid to bring cyber security education to everyone and promote online safety, GL Tech, has launched its cyber security education initiative called ‘online wisdom.’

In a bid to bring cyber security education to everyone and promote online safety, GL Tech, has launched its cyber security education initiative called ‘online wisdom.’

Managing Director, GL Tech, Martins Obiorah, who spoke during the launch, said despite the huge benefits and the convenience derived from the use of the internet, the same platform has provided opportunities for criminals to execute their act through defrauding unsuspecting users.

He noted that the level of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and card fraud witnessed in the country in the last two years is quite alarming coupled with other security threat such as identity theft, private information compromise, spread of computer virus and malicious programs have led to increased number of organisation being hacked.

Obiorah explained that the high level of e-channel fraud and system compromise could be attributed to ignorance on the part of the public resulting from low level of information and e- channel security awareness.He said that global rise in information security and electronic banking fraud resulted in the birth of ‘online wisdom,’ a platform created by some seasoned information and e-business security professionals to promote electronic banking, create awareness campaign to the public organisation and schools, banks, government establishments, ministries military and law enforcement agencies.

“Our target is to heighten the level of information security awareness that would minimize the level of information, security compromises and electronic banking fraud.  It is obvious that the substantial number of people have already fallen victim to the online scam channel due to lack of awareness. Our objective is to stem the tide through our massive awareness campaign called ‘online wisdom.’ Through this channel young minds will be enlightened and help to remain safe as they use the internet,” he said.

Similarly, Cyber Security Professional, Sam Okenyi said information technology affects all aspect of human lives, adding that with everyday use of the technology human lives can never be the same.
Okenyi said, “As we see the major advancement that technology has brought to us we are also aware of the major threat we are faced today. I have been in consulting and financial sector; I have seen it all, and my heart bleeds when people come crying to the bank because they lost their hard earned money. It is not that the banks are not secured; they make daily investments on security. The reality is that cyber security is a major threat and the biggest of the organisations are also under attack.”

He noted that in spite of the benefits inherent in internet, there also lies the challenge and the need for us to deal with challenge of cyber security.“In 2016, the reported fraud volume is 19,531 which amount to N4.368billion attempts and the actual amount lost is N2.1billion. In 2017, the fraud attempt is N4.734billion but the actual lost is N1.9billion and the global threat runs about $3 trillion,” Okenyi said.