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Educationist urges parents to spend quality time with kids


Pupils of Renics College, Egbeda, Lagos, playing instrumentals during the school’s 20th anniverssary

Proprietress, Renics College, Egbeda, Lagos, Dr. Adenike Adeagbo, has urged parents to endeavour to spend quality time with their children, saying their wellbeing and safety supersedes every other interest.

Speaking at the recently held 20th anniversary of the school, themed “Being Thankful,” Adeagbo said raising youths in the contemporary society requires regular engagement and counselling from both parents and schools’ management.

In the face of internet, social media and all its attendant risks, the educationists said all parents must create time and be at alert to observe, supervise and caution their wards, adding that leaving kids without close monitoring and interaction is precarious.


She said, “There are many challenges in raising contemporary youths, the use of technology is one, with its advantages and disadvantages, our youths are carried away. As a day school, we don’t allow phones in school, but then we realise that when they go back home, nobody monitors them and parents are not home to monitor their kids anymore. Again with the cable television, they watch the good, the bad and the ugly at home. So as a school, we are aware of these challenges and we devote time to counsel them on the dangers.

“But then, I want to counsel parents to take it easy and get their priorities right. The money you are running around for may not be able to solve problems when these children fall prey to social media predators, among other risks. So, parents should create time out of no time for these children.

When both parents leaves home early and returns at ridiculous hours, it is not good for their kids. If the husband is the one running around, the wife should engage in job that doesn’t take u all her time. The two should not be running around, at least one person’s work should be flexible.”

She said the vision of the school is providing sound education in a sound mind, in other words they do not only produce brilliant students, but those who are also morally and spiritually sound. “Our vision stands us out, we do not only teach academics we teach morals, most of the problems we have in this country is because people have lost moral values. So our focus is producing balanced individuals in an environment conducive for intellectual growth.

A pupil of the school, Itua Jessica, said one fascinating thing about her school is that “they don’t just teach, they help you find your talent, hone it through extra curricular activities and nurture it to the best of your ability.”

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