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Eight qualities of a winner defined


Lanre Olusola

When talking about the internal dynamics of a winner, you look at his mindset, neurology, psychology and much more. A person cannot win if he does not want to win in anything and does not have a set goal. You cannot attain your desired level without having a well-defined outcome. In other to win, you must have a clear mindset of what you want to achieve; there is also need for a well-formed outcome, a vision and a mission that you are pushing towards. Everybody can be a winner but not everybody will win. Below are eight qualities of a person with a winner’s mindset:

1. A winner starts with a vision and a mission. He creates an identity and then a brand; he knows who he is and who he is not. A winner would not mess around because he knows exactly what he is called to do, and the discipline required achieving these goals. He commits himself and is constantly true to himself, concerning who he is and who he is not.

2. To become a winner, there is need to have a set of core beliefs and values that drive you – these beliefs must always align with your vision and identity. If you can visualize your achievements, you must be able to change every belief system that prevents it from becoming a reality. All things are possible if a person believes; this is because you are a product of your beliefs. Take responsibility for your outcomes, it is a revelation of your beliefs. In order to reach a required outcome, there is need to challenge your beliefs and change them in order to fit your set out goal(s).


3. A winner taps into his unlimited resources, such as: environmental, relational, psychological, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, mental and much more which must suit his purpose, values, believes, identity and his mission; When all these four points are in place, the right behavior kicks in, as well as the right habits and he is able to take the right action in the direction of his goals.

4. As a winner you should be able to change your environment, be flexible and dynamic enough to create an enabling atmosphere within any space you find yourself in. You ought to have the right relationships, surround yourself with the right company, the right coaches and role models. A loser on the other hand identifies the barriers in his environment, blames people for where he is, point fingers and never accepts responsibility for his actions. He will complain about everything and anything, including his country, being a ‘black man’, the family he was born into, and much more. He will grumble that his inability to succeed is as a result of lack of connections, he constantly allows his environment shut him down and resultantly deploys behaviors that restrain and restrict him. These behaviors on the long run will lead to his inability to maximize his potentials. A loser believes he is who people say he is, doesn’t have a goal, and is constantly unclear about where he is going.

5. A winner embodies the entire construct of winning. Winning is a mindset; you must see yourself as a winner first before you win. The manifestation of the price or the achievement of the desired outcome is a function of the internal picture the individual created for himself.

6. A winner lives in his truth and not in his reality; the gateway to transfer your mind from reality into truth is your belief system. The news of Nigerians going through a lot of torturous circumstances in order to get to Libya, tells a lot about our belief system. These people believe that their environment is what is limiting them, and they would do anything even risk death to escape that environment; their belief is that outside this environment (Nigeria), they will do well.

They are living their reality and not their truth.
A winner sees his truth and ‘truth’ is what YOU decide it to be. Once you practice your truth enough, it becomes your reality. It is very important that a winner anchors his mind with a belief system that propels him in the direction of his objectives, and those objectives are simply the competition he is setting for himself.


7. A winner does not set his target against money but sets it beyond money; this is because most people want money for what it can do.

8. A winner lives in the ‘now’, he understands the power of the ‘now’, he doesn’t live in his past regrets, neither does he get anxious of what tomorrow holds for him.In conclusion, a winner knows who he is and who he is not, he knows what his purpose and mission is and does not lose focus. A winner is always tactical and strategic. He is someone that is emotionally intelligent and has a sound mind. He has a healthy self-esteem, exhibits self-confidence and has an excellent self-belief. A winner is self-driven and does not rely on people from the outside for his motivation. He is self-discipline and prudent. He lives in constant harmony between spirit, soul, body and their environment.

Finally, a winner knows that your today will create your tomorrow.To fully understand yourself and your potentials as a winner, sign up for our Life Coaching Class running from 12th to 18th of March 2018. For more information, call us on 08077077000 or send an email to

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