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Emiliano Guerrero demonstrates the power of reinvesting


As the co-founder of Scale Online, a San Francisco based e-commerce start-up, Emiliano Guerrero has spent the last few years buiding gradually.

He said, “I like to think of life as a staircase. You build something, and you reinvest into climbing the next stair and building something even bigger.


Scale Online is building the world’s most efficient eCommerce management system. After launching and scaling many Amazon stores to six-figures in revenue per month, Emiliano and his business partner created a way to meet the demands of others who wanted to learn how to replicate their process and manage their own store’s growth. He says, “I get to network with interesting people who are building interesting companies, and I get to bring value to the table and help those who will have an impact on the world.”

Together with his partner, Emiliano also launched ZGN Talks, a YouTube channel where he documents his successes, failures, and experiences throughout the journey. Their goal is to help other entrepreneurs along the process of building their business. He notes, “I find huge joy in helping out those who build great companies and solve people’s problems.”

Emiliano’s ultimate advice for those hoping to start their own business? “Just start. Most people interested in business sit around and wait to graduate from their $100,000+ MBA programmes and then enter the world of business. If you were to take that $100,000 and just dive headfirst into building interesting things and solving interesting problems, you will learn all sorts of valuable lessons and in the process, also meet all sorts of interesting and driven people. Sure, you might break a thing or two along the way, but you’ll have real world experience.”


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