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Discovering your purpose as an entrepreneur


disWhat on earth are you here for?
Never before has the question of purpose – “why are we here?” – become so pertinent to the human race at a time like this. It is in the lowly and toughest of times that many look within (internally) for strength and direction when all else without (externally), seem to be falling apart. We tend to take things slow, more like surrendering ourselves to the prevailing circumstances. Rather than investing more on ourselves and letting the pressure of the scarcity drive us into better opportunities, we simply drift along becoming victims instead of victors of our circumstances.

In a time of scarcity as this, you fight scarcity by doing more with your other resources (such as time, knowledge, natural talents, experience, friends, etc) and sowing your scarce resources (money) on projects, ideas, and any fruitful venture of your choice that releases your potentials. Don’t just save your scarce resources in a time of scarcity, INVEST them on your purpose.

Finding the reason for your being (purpose) is the only truth that can guide you in making the decision of what to invest on, at such a time as this. Only when you operate in your place (purpose) will abundance be guaranteed (provision for the fulfillment of the purpose). Don’t go about searching for vacant positions here and there because there are none. It’s time to look within (internally) for your own place and take up your rightful position in the world. It’s time to develop and use your God given talents, gifts and abilities to create possible solutions to other peoples’ problems and get paid in return.

What then is Purpose?
Many confuse purpose with vision, although both are related but are not one and the same thing. Therefore, i will like to draw the line between these two concepts so as to help you fully grasp their meanings.

Vision VS Purpose – understanding the similarities and differences
Vision is a picture of a preferable future. It is a thing you create with your imagination and then make visible plans on how to achieve it. Vision involves the painting of a better life for yourself and deciding to do all that you can to bring it to pass. Vision is your own making; your role is that of a manufacturer creating a finished product, in this case; a preferable future; a better tomorrow. It’s not by force; it’s a choice. Its making a choice to pursue the preferred life of your choice. It’s not the same as purpose.

Purpose is not a picture that you paint, it’s a call that must be obeyed – answered. It’s not a thing you created, it’s a thing created for you deposited in you. Purpose is not within your power to create, it’s a thing you discover by asking your maker. Purpose is your destiny; it is a question of intention. And intention is not a matter of choice, but a matter of source. The intention of a thing is not in the hand of the invention, but in the hand of the inventor. You cannot know the purpose (intention) of a thing by asking the thing (invention), but rather by asking the maker of the thing (inventor).
Tito Philips Jnr is a young Nigerian that is M.A.D – making A Difference

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