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Exploring nature’s gift to man



 Lance Musa Elakama

Lance Musa Elakama

Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral water is nature’s gift to man, flowing from a renewable artesian thermal aquifer which transverses 16 layers of clay formations in a serene hygienic and pristine ecosystem that has not been abused by man. Lance Musa Elakama (Ph.D), the Chairman of the organization is a thoroughbred professional. The Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators of London and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria spoke on the Focus of a CEO and the health benefits of drinking Lasena Artesian mineral water in this interview with Nnamdi Nwokolo and Dayo Olorunlomeru.


What informed your choice of business?
PRIOR to the establishment of this organization, I’ve not had anything to do with water business, but I think my inspiration was divinely packaged. When I retired from the Nigerian Stock Exchange, I wanted to do small scale bottling Water Company, as I felt it is the easiest business someone can do. When we started, we dug three boreholes but didn’t get water, I started doing plastic bottles for other bottlers, but I discovered that I was just working for them without profits. Luckily, I met a Turkish Hydro Engineer who after passing 16 layers of clay formations stumbled on the Aquifer. It took him seven months to do that and it is amazing that there are no microbes in the water as it has been boiled from source. With further research and experience, we discovered that Lasena Artesian Mineral Water energises, rejuvenates, invigorates, detoxifies, balances and refreshes.

What has been your biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge we’ve seen after the discovery of the Aquifer is power to blow the bottles and run the lines. Pumping the water is no challenge as it is a pump-less well with a natural pressure of 80,000 liters per hour. Overtime, the power situation has improved greatly since the new government came in, although we are not there yet, but it is work in progress. The challenge of funding and logistics are all part of what we face everyday but with focus and perseverance we hope to overcome them. We are open to discussions from serious investors to come in and partner with us so that this water can get to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria at reduced rates. My prayer is that if we do it bigger, every Nigerian will be able to experience the healing powers of Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral Water.

What is the unique selling point of  Lasena Artesian Water?

It will interest you to know that this is the first African known pump-less well with a temperature of over 75’C and has a natural pressure of 80,000 liters per hour with a potentiometric surface (spurt) of 15meters. This is the highest so far recorded by any Aquifer in the whole world. Having subjected this water to different laboratory tests to authenticate its natural efficacy, we are proud to tell you that Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral Water is in its natural state and can help in detoxifying the entire human system if regularly consumed in large quality. This is certainly the work of nature for which we do not have any explanation.

How do you intend to survive in the midst of competition?
If I’ve gone ahead to produce the same kind of water like every other person, I would’ve been out of business, but because, we are doing something unique, we’ve turned out to be the competition. The truth must be told, this is the only water in the country that is alkaline, whereas others are at best neutral. When we say alkaline water, it means that the potential hydrogen ion (ph level) is above seven; seven is neutral, below seven is acidic and above seven is alkaline. As humans we need our ph level to be above seven and the moment it drops below seven it becomes a problem. Most people use artificial alkaline to neutralize the acid in their body but Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral Water can comfortably neutralize the acid and replenish the alkaline in our body. Most diseases in our body are caused by acidosis, so the right proportion of alkaline is needed in the body to ward off diseases.

Having subjected this water to different laboratory tests to authenticate its natural efficacy, we are proud to tell you that Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral Water is in its natural state and can help in detoxifying the entire human system if regularly consumed in large quality.

Quality control measures:
We don’t treat the water; we pump it in its natural state and when it’s cooled we start packaging. We have quality control personnel, who ensure that the tanks are not contaminated and that the production process is in perfect shape. We don’t introduce elements into the process, that’s why we allow the water to cool by itself. We are exploring nature’s gift to man because this type of water is called the fountain of youth as the users cannot age quickly, they cannot be afflicted with sickness and they’ll live a healthier life. The biggest challenge we encounter as humans is that we don’t drink enough water; we only drink water when we are thirsty and by then we are already dehydrated. We should drink water consistently throughout the day to stay healthy. Unfortunately, people drink acidic water and they end up with disease like cancer of the colon, arthritis, high blood pressure and heart attack. The good news is that drinking Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral Water makes you live a healthier life. We have laboratories that check the mineral components of the water and Lasena Artesian Water is better taken at room temperature for optimal efficacy.

How do you intend to unlock the potentials of this venture?
The business will definitely outlive me because it is a renewable Aquifer in the rainforest region. The one discovered in France in 1126AD is still flowing and the one in Mecca discovered in 1400BC is still flowing. To make it a tourist attraction is beyond what I can do alone. I am open to discussions with serious investors to come in and expand the business and make the water available for every Nigerian. It will gladden my heart because it will make it cheaper and affordable for Nigerians. I have the dream that overtime; we’ll begin to export water to the world having satisfied the local demand. I believe that government has no business in running business, so what I think they can do differently is to create enabling environment for indigenous entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Critical factors for business success:
Integrity is critical to business success. You need to have a focus of where you are going and keep your eye on the ball. You also need hard-work and knowledge to build a sustainable business. Before I came into this business I had no idea about water, but now, I’ve read so many books from renowned authors to widen my knowledge of the business, and I’ve also written books about water. We receive schools everyday on excursion and my joy is the calls I get every day from people expressing their delight about the healing nature of the water. I am a hydrotherapist and I’ve written books and I’ve studied a lot about water. I admonish Nigerians to embrace hydrotherapy rather than chemotherapy because it is healthier and cheaper.

Succession Planning and projections:
I have some of my children working here; thank God they are all well trained. It is imperative that you have a good management succession plan. In the next couple of years I want Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral water to be a household name globally at affordable rates. We are also developing a relaxation spot to promote tourism and we are building the only natural sauna in the country.

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