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The power of phone calls: How to supercharge your campaigns with trackable phone numbers


As bizarre as it may sound in the digital age, phone calls are not dead. Since email and phone are time-tested communication channels, it is only fair to assume that it will take time for digital alternatives to replace these default communication tools.

It is no secret that most consumers tend to use phones to get in touch with brands and customer support teams. Why do phone calls remain one of the most frequently used channels for customer service?

Let’s face it: a single phone call can help customers answer a myriad of questions. That explains why more than 60% of consumers choose to deal with issues over the phone.

This communication channel is also of high value for marketers since call campaigns can help drive and sustain consumer engagement. And call tracking is what every marketer needs to effectively track, measure, and attribute calls to specific campaigns.

How Businesses Can Leverage Call Data

Analytics is essential for data-driven decisions and campaign optimization. And let’s not forget that phone calls are a fundamental part of the customer journey.

So no matter how complex a customer journey is, it is crucial to understand and reflect on every touchpoint and interaction with the brand. It means that without utilizing a call platform, brands can miss out on valuable customer data.

How to Gain In-Depth Insights Into Calls

Companies often struggle with tracking inbound calls and attributing them to specific channels and ad campaigns. Today, it is imperative that businesses utilize call tracking to allocate their marketing spend efficiently.

With Phonexa’s cloud-based Call Logic platform, businesses can leverage numerous tools and features, including real-time analytics, tracking, and IVR.

Call Logic is a call intelligence platform that allows companies to get insights into inbound calls, fill the gap in customer experience, eliminate leaks in call funnels, and simplify the process of tracking and distribution. Ultimately, it can help companies change their approach to ROI attribution and boost campaign performance.

As one of the principal platform features, tracking software enables marketers to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and increase revenues.

Since Phonexa helps track inbound calls, it also offers its clients an opportunity to acquire trackable phone numbers. By utilizing them, brands can track their online and offline ads more efficiently and concentrate their efforts on ads that bring tangible results.

Yes, that is right: call tracking is not designed to meet the needs of digital marketers alone. In fact, trackable phone numbers can come in handy for vendors utilizing various ad placements, including TV, directories, or radio. This way, they can identify the low-performing or top-performing mediums and campaigns they run.

Tracking Numbers Explained

Tracking numbers are one-of-a-kind contact numbers that can be designated to active ad campaigns. It means that when a consumer calls that number, a company can attribute the generated call to one of the sources, keywords, or campaigns.

These numbers can be toll-free or local. What does it mean?

The principal difference is that the local tracking number reflects the specific area. For instance, if your business is in Sacramento, the area code will be 916.


Reaching consumers in a certain area;
Building a strong local presence;
Forming personal relations with your clients.

But bear in mind that if you decide to relocate, you will have to update the number. And changing it means that regular customers will likely find it challenging to contact your business.

However, the same cannot be said about toll-free numbers. Using this type of tracking number implies that instead of an area code, the caller will see a toll-free code like 800 or 877.

Some marketers use customizable vanity toll-free numbers that often include catchy phrases or memorable words. Here’s an example: 1-800-FLATRENT


Most consumers prefer calling businesses free of charge, which increases the density of calls;
The number is not tied to a specific city or area;
Vanity numbers guarantee brand recognition because of their eye-catching and memorable nature.

It is not uncommon for marketers to test several campaigns at a time. So how do they manage to assign numbers to each of them?

With dynamic number insertion (DNI), there is no need to worry about the assignment process. It allows companies to designate specific numbers to multiple campaigns. Besides, DNI can be used for various offline and online sources like Google Ads, PPC, or organic search.

Ultimately, understanding where your customer spends most of the time online and which sources drive the major portion of calls can help you optimize your ad spend, strategy, and services.


There is no denying that driving tangible results and creating effective campaigns is impossible without utilizing call tracking software. If you want to scale your ad campaigns, transform the call experience of your customers, and understand the initiatives behind their calls, Phonexa has you covered.

Make data-driven decisions a priority and schedule a consultation with our experts.


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