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Work smart



Every living being has a natural or special capability. In the same way, everyone born of a woman is fruitful and productive. Each of us has what it takes to develop competence and prove his or her capability. Every one of us has what it takes to acquire proficiency, especially when it comes to achieving successful results. You are blessed with a natural faculty, but what give you the good life are your skills. Life is about what you do and God has given you a vision, but it is your responsibility to set up goals to realize the vision.

Realizing your vision in this life depends on the best of strategies you can put in to actualize your vision. Charting your course in life is as good as performing the right activities in life. It is wisdom to create a successful course of action from your strong desire, dreams and goals on a day-to-day and moment-to-moment basis. This process takes a lot of concentration and thoughts to lay out, map out and set out your structures and strategies. It has a lot to do with your creative imagination and proper organization of a worthwhile course.

You are full of inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability, skills and you are loaded with ideas. It is important for you to chart the course of your ideas and take immediate action towards living a successful life. You must take action on your strong desire! You really need to start right now and go the direction of achieving your goals, while completing your entire course at the same time. Your course of action is your process of taking action and becoming who you really want to be.

The way you chart your course determines your level of success. Your great course-charting covers how to bring your goals into being based on your life’s purpose. Course-charting is an essential step to becoming very successful. It takes having organized thoughts and great feelings to achieve organized structure and course of action. You can devise a method for thriving fully in accordance with your desires in life. Be definite with your purpose, have the desire to make your mark, accept that you are a success and effect great course of action that produces striking results. Set the right goals always and relate with the right people all the way.

Manifest the power of controlling your actions, impulses and emotions to establish the knowledge, attitude and skills needed for your personal development. Charting a successful course is a lifestyle; it is as beautiful as success. Be smart to create your goals based on your life’s purpose. Choose the goals that will lead you to a good life. You are not ordinary! You are a success.

You are smart to do what you should do to make a success for life. In case you do not know how to chart your course, join your common sense with your knowledge or experience in a related area and be outstanding. Do not be afraid to take the first step, start from where you are now.
Learn the skills you need to create the good life you really want to live. There is something you are good at, there is something you enjoy doing, start with that thing and become influential with it.

This is the right time to get to work! Acquire the needed skills that will develop your good instincts and build your expertise. Your education and life experiences are enough to get you started. Start with smart goals that are out of this world so that you can rule the system that drives the progress of humanity. This is your time to do it right; write your goals down clearly. Be committed to them and share them with someone special. Many people advise that goals should be realistic, and attainable. It should be flexible and reflect change. It should be concrete and measurable. It should be extended to cover certain time periods. And it should also be set in advance. But one important fact about goals is how smart you get about achieving them.

This is the wisdom age when men get pregnant with ideas to inculcate knowledge with principles and impregnate information with purpose. Anything is possible in this age; it is not about the age, but how smart you can get to create a force that will make things fall in place for you. You can make everything work out according to your plans, by working smart. Anyaele Sam Chiyson is an International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational/Financial Speaker, Business/Marriage Consultant.

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Work smart
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