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Experts urge early detection of dyslexia in children


Elementary pupils in a class.

An appeal has been made to parents with dyslexic children to conduct an assessment tests in order to know their true state instead of assumption. Dyslexia is the most common learning disabilities world -wide, a brain disorder or condition that affects the reading writing and speech of a child. It is of neurological origin.

Executive Director, Dyslexia Foundation, Mrs. Felicia Arikpo, made the call at the International children’s party in Lekki. She observed that Dyslexia knowledge is not common in our environment and as a result the children are beaten, called names, bullied and jarred at. They unconsciously develop an inferiority complex and are afraid of trying out anything.

She maintained that the children’s day celebration is a way of creating more awareness for parents and persons with Dyslexia. Some the showcased were activities includes brain-exercises, fun-fare, games and puzzles among others.
“Early detention is necessary without which the person is misunderstood, been called names both at home but worse in school, by school teachers and other children who see this person as stupid or lazy”. However, before it is discovered, damage has been done, the person is intimidated, looses self-confidence and becomes afraid of trying again, giving up on themselves.

Children with dyslexia with Attention Deficiency Disorder [ADD] Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD] are at increased risk of substance abuse without appropriate intervention. Although their unique brain architecture, unusual wiring makes reading, writing and spelling difficult, there is a genius hidden in most them that need to be uncovered and discovered with the right intervention.

She advised to parents and care- givers to see professionals, run some tests not to assume that getting new teachers or changing schools for the children is a remedy.

Many educators do not know the underlining problems of the person and frustration on both parties is worse as the expected change seem far-fetched. The person might get so demoralized that she/he may not get to the point where the innate gifts show up.

Mr. Moses Chukwueze ,resources manager noted most dyslexics have gifts in areas controlled by the right hemisphere of the human brain such as artistic skills athletic, music, mechanical activities, vivid imagination intuitive, creative global thinking and curiosity. He pointed out that with activities such as brain-exercises, fun-fare, games and puzzles among others would boost their learning and cognitive skills of dyslexics.

Dyslexics are also known to be very successful entrepreneurs. They can excel anywhere but best at architecture, interior design, marketing and sales ,culinary arts , wood –working, carpentry, engineering , computer, electronic, graphics art, performing art and photograph.


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