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Fitness Fair opens new shop, urges healthy lifestyles


Leading wellness firm, Fitness Fair, has opened a new shop in the Lekki Phase 1 axis of Lagos.

Leading wellness firm, Fitness Fair, has opened a new shop in the Lekki Phase 1 axis of Lagos with a charge to Nigerians to imbibe healthy lifestyles that check what used to be ‘old people’ diseases like diabetes, hypertension among others.

Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Uganze Eke, at the event in Lagos, noted that the company was poised to promoting corporate wellness, nutrition and fitness to a whole new level, adding: “We are taking information to the workplace.”

She said the passion for preventive health as well as the need for Nigerians to take ownership of their lives and regenerate their lifestyles was central to the firm’s mission.


She added: “ You are what you eat. We have good food but we cook wrongly. We add too much additives to meals. We want to teach people to go back to your grandma’s cooking.”

Speaking further at the event which also witnessed the launch of the company’s website, Eke stressed that Nigerians must begin to learn the local nutrition wellness procedure and see the physical aspect beyond visiting the gym.

The pharmacist stated that contrary to popular thinking, people could actually exercise even at their workplace and have a better lifestyle through eating of natural local foods.

According to her, this is what Fitness Fair aims to promote among Nigerians by providing holistic information on how to maximise their environment for a healthy lifestyle.

Her words: “ Being on the other side and giving drugs to people, I realised that there’s a problem in the country as young people keep coming with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol-related diseases and cancer.

We found that this was as a result of a major change in lifestyle. We put it down to key factors that could be changed: Diet, lifestyles and physical activity level.

So we are raising awareness for everyone to understand that you can take ownership of your health and prevent a lot of these illnesses through our brands.”

She continued: “Corporate Wellness, which is one of our brands, is aimed at taking wellness to the work place. To know that as you are working, you can exercise and eat well. To imbibe the information needed to stay alive and enjoy what you have worked for.

“We have the Fitness Fair Training on how to make the change. We teach you where you start from, who you are and where you should at least try to get to.

The major thing about your life is what you eat, hence Fitness Fair Nutrition. We supply you with information on foods you need to support the lifestyle.

“We teach people how to make food their medicine. The problem we have with our food is the way we cook them. We cook wrong. We are a people who have grown used to overcooking our vegetables and we add too much oil and salt. We add too much additives too.”

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