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Five reasons your cellulite is getting worse


cellulite Photo: dimid_86/Getty Images

Has the development of cellulite on your body started to really bother you? Well, as we all get older that jiggly “cottage cheese” appearance of the skin that many often dread is something that both women and men may experience. Yes, men can actually develop cellulite too, but the prevalence tends to be much higher in women. So, what exactly is cellulite anyway?

Cellulite also known as edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy occurs when fat in certain regions of the body (e.g. buttocks) is pushed closely against the connective tissue layer of the skin and leads to a very characteristic dimpling appearance. Those dealing with (and bothered by) the cosmetic issue often seek solutions to improve the appearance of their cellulite and try to achieve the flawless looking skin they desire.

When it comes to cellulite, it is essential to note that many factors actually contribute to this very normal occurrence that tends to arise more with age. So, what factors can make the appearance of cellulite a lot worse? Here is what you need to know:


Smoking: One of the worst unhealthy habits that anyone can partake in is cigarette smoking. The harmful chemicals and toxins in cigarettes can ultimately damage the collagen fibers of the skin’s connective tissue. If the connective tissue is no longer strong, then this in turn makes it a lot easier for fat to press closer upon it and make the appearance of cellulite much worse.

Unhealthy dieting/yo-yo dieting: Your diet has an impact on the appearance of cellulite on the body and poor nutrition only exacerbates the problem. A healthy well balanced diet is important for the health of your skin, and incorporating foods that help both hydrate and nourish the skin is crucial. Vitamin C rich foods are also encouraged as they can help to enhance collagen.

What is not encouraged? Unhealthy yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting only leads one to become trapped in the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain. The constant fluctuation in weight can cause a pattern of stretching of the skin that may affect the skin’s integrity. Weakened skin and connective tissue makes it easier for fat deposits to push through and promote cellulite. Nonetheless, maintaining a healthy and steady weight is always advised.

Lack of exercise: Having a sedentary lifestyle does the battle with cellulite no good. The less muscle you have, then the more apparent your cellulite may become. The goal is to strengthen your muscles in the regions you are mostly affected by cellulite. If the buttocks and thigh regions are where you’ve developed most of your cellulite, then focus on adopting a strength training regimen to build more muscle in those areas.

Genetics: There is also a genetic predisposition to the development of cellulite and this is simply something you have no control over. Even if you are someone who is thin and in optimal shape, that doesn’t exempt you from forming cellulite if you have a very strong family history. If genetics highly contribute to your cellulite development, focus more on improving other factors which you have control over such as diet and exercise.

Dehydration: Make sure you never deny the body of water and fluids as the effects of dehydration can be a huge detriment to the health of the skin. If you want to help maintain the firm nature of your skin’s connective tissue, start by ensuring that you are well hydrated. Remember, weaker connective tissue makes it easier for fat deposits to push through it. Nonetheless, hydration may minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Moreover, there is no cure per se for cellulite. No miracle creams, products, or procedures exist that will eliminate it for good. But remember that there are things you can do to slightly reduce its appearance. Also keep in mind that cellulite is strictly a cosmetic issue that in no way threatens your health. So, if you do develop it there is no need to go into panic mode.

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