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Al-Hujjaj counsels pilgrims on hajj rites


A cross section of intending Muslim pilgrims at Al-Hujjaj Hajj seminar.

Determined to have a hitch free hajj, Al-Hujjaj International Hajj and Umrah Service Nigeria Limited has embarked on training for intending pilgrims. The Pilgrims were counsel on Dos and Don’ts of hajj, medical check up and handed a guidebook to make the spiritual voyage fruitful.

The General Manager Al-Hujjaj, Alhaji Lukman Olajobi, said the company has put so many things in place to guarantee a stress free hajj this year.He said: “We are going to have two categories this year hajj. We are using the five-star hotel and three-star hotel for accommodation for our customers due to the fact that some people cannot afford the five-star hotel and they are also interested in fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam. That is the main reason we are making it two categories this year at a very good and affordable prices,”

Al-Hujaj recently bagged the award of second best hajj operator in 2016. Olajobi said: “I don’t know the yardstick NAHCOM use to measure the best hajj operator but I know we deserve the best. We make sure we render 100 percent service to our customers. We use the best hotels for our customers, five-star hotels and our means of transportation was perfect. Thou It is only God that is perfect but we tried our best,”

Olajobi added that the turn out for 2017 hajj is a bit low due to the economic situation of the country. “Though the government did their part but they still need to do more, last year we were given exchange rate at N197 to a dollar but this year it is N305 official rate. The differences in the exchange rate really affect the ticket and accommodation due to the fact that all payment will be made in dollars. Had it been the government gave us dollar the same rate we got it last year the abnormal hike of hajj fare will not be as high as this,”

He explained further: “The major yardsticks we look before you are qualify to travel with Hujjaj is that you must be a practicing Muslim and that is why we are organizing interview for all intending pilgrims. We want to know how familiar they are with Islam. It is not enough to say you are a Muslim, you must know how to pray and read some surah of the Holy Quran. That is the major reason we are organizing seminars for pilgrims, we want them to know the Dos and Don’ts. Every weekend before we embark on the hajj trip we are giving lectures for pilgrims to let them know what the Saudi’s government doesn’t want. The final seminar before we embark on the journey, we are bringing in NAFDAC officials, Immigration officials to enlighten them as well,”

He assure adequate security for all pilgrims, adding that welfare officers will be on ground to guide pilgrims.The Gust Lecture at the seminar, Sheikh Abdullah Araokanmi, said the reason behind the success of the agency is because dawah is their principal goal due to the fact that they spend immensely to allow their pilgrims to experience a hitch free exercise in order to complete the hajj rite at the company detriment.

He said the major thing a pilgrim is meant to know while undertaking the spiritual voyage is that his or her intention must be clarified. “Hajj is a duty unto God for mankind, the intention must be purified before performing the hajj simply because of Allah. Pilgrims must learn how to be patient and forgive others. Seeking knowledge of hajj and Umrah through attending hajj lectures, reading of books on hajj, getting familiar with all aspects of the hajj, such as, recitation of duah (prayer), place of rituals that are important. Paying all your outstanding debts returns all items in your care to their owners. Fulfill your promises to another; correct all wrongs and mistakes done to anyone. Hand over your family to someone who can assist them while you are away. Above all, an intending pilgrim must be conscious and fear Allah in his actions, speech and dealings. During the pilgrimage, men are required to wrap themselves in two pieces of white sheet. Women remain in a hijab covering their hair and neck”

He urged pilgrims to desist from act like fornication adultery, stealing during the period of hajj and must be at Arafat at all cost.“If one pilgrim misses Arafat, there is nothing you can do to perfect your hajj. Arafat is so vital that missing it invalidates hajj. So, from the perspective of those making hajj, it is the most important pillar,” he added.

An intending pilgrim, Alhaja Aishat Sofolahan said the reason she chose Al Hujaj is because the way they organize hajj program is easy for her. “ The hajj operation I wanted to follow before a friend direct me to Al-hujjaj was demanding for LASRAF Card which I don’t have. When I went there twice and they were still asking for the card, I got tired of going. I believe if you have you international passport is enough for you to travel.

Amoo Abdulwasiu said he was referred by a good friend who has follow Al Hujaj in the past. “I have heard lot of good things about Al-hujjaj, they have excellent service and they usually don’t have any problem during the trip.

Abdulwasiu said, the training was very enlightened and clarification on question he had in mind was treated. He urge the Federal Government to substitute the payment because hajj help in making God fearing citizen, if people are God fearing the rate of corruption in the country will tend to reduce.

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