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Amidst fuel subsidy removal, NASFAT shares N103 million Zakat proceeds among Nigerians

By Shakirah Adunola 
04 August 2023   |   2:00 am
As the Nigerian government is trying to mitigate the impact of petroleum subsidy removal on Nigerians, the Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fathi Society (NASFAT) Agency for Zakat and Sadaqat (NAZAS) has disbursed over N100 million to indigent persons in the country...

Niyi yusuf, nasfat president; a beneficiary; Alhaji hafiz bakare nazas board chairman and biodun bakre, nasfat Baltimore USA

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As the Nigerian government is trying to mitigate the impact of petroleum subsidy removal on Nigerians, the Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fathi Society (NASFAT) Agency for Zakat and Sadaqat (NAZAS) has disbursed over N100 million to indigent persons in the country to cushion the effect of subsidy removal on the citizens.

Since the inception of NAZAS operations in 2014, the agency was able to collect close to 600 million worth of Zakat for the benefit of about 50,000 indigents.

Speaking during the 1445AH Muharam AGM and disbursement exercise, the Chairman Board of Directors NAZAS, Hafiz Bakare said the agency has been able to consolidate on the milestone of crossing the 100 million mark in Zakat and Sadaqat collections within a single year.

“This feat was a result of collective efforts and consolidation of activities across all the operating units of the agency comprising the head office and zonal offices within and outside the country.” He noted that the agency is committed to reducing the number of out-of-school children, providing quality healthcare and empowering people.

“We give education scholarship grants to over 150 students, health mission to over 3000 indigent in various communities, the aged are benefiting from monthly stipends as we continue to bring smiles to the face of families. We have implemented the Train-To-Fund Scheme (TTFS) with the training of the pioneer set of beneficiaries.”

The National President of NASFAT, Niyi Yusuf, thank Almighty Allah for the blessing and opportunity given to NAZAS over the last seven years to have disbursed over 600 million.

“We have seen the impact of Zakat on people, someone who started a puff puff business with Zakat proceeds of less than N100.000 and she has built a bungalow for herself, this is one of the blessings we have seen.

He advised the Zakat beneficiaries to spend the money judiciously for the purpose they were given. “Some are given money for education, scholarships, empowerment to set up their businesses, endeavour to spend the money judiciously for the purpose given and pray to Allah to shower you with His blessings.”

He suggested that Zakat should be added to Hajj and Umrah fares to encourage the rich to pay Zakat.

“In Islamic countries like Malaysia and the Middle East, Zakat is an institution of the state, that was because they are Muslim states. So, in Nigeria, we claim that we are not religious but haven’t said that I think Hajj and Umrah exercise is an avenue to include Zakat payments.

“ Like we all know going for pilgrimage is for only those who have the means and so they also could be asked to mandatorily pay a token as Zakat for everybody that is going for Umrah or Hajj. if the state does that then that will be a huge way to mobilize Zakat for the Ummah because every year we have over 70, 000 pilgrims that go from Nigeria and imagine if each of them contributes a certain sum, that will be significant savings and resources that could be used to help the Ummah.

The National Missioner of NASFAT, Imam Abdul-Azeez Onike, said NASFAT is disbursing Zakat to ensure that every Nigerian has means of livelihood.

“Allah said in his holy book that there is no creature on the surface of the earth that He has not provided for, which means anybody is suffering or in abject poverty. it means people are sitting on the resources that are meant for them.

“We are doing this to let the rich know that the resources they have are not for them alone, it is also for the benefit of others. if you share the resources for others you insuring your own life too. If you continue to embezzle money or engage in corruption and you are using the money to send your children abroad, those children by the time they are educated and come back to Nigeria, those children that are not trained will not allow them to enjoy the benefit of education.” He urged the rich to pay their Zakat when due.

“Our creator in His infinite wisdom has decided to put the resources of somebody in your hand, to free you from the circle of Satan, so let the wish of the creator come to pass by giving it out.

“ I know Satan can be very tough and very difficult for us to manage but once you have decided not to allow Satan to have power over you, you will give out your Zakat as at when due.

“Allah has given you a special favour by putting you in a position to be able to pay Zakat, some people will not be able to pay Zakat throughout their lifetime.

“If you are in a position to give Zakat it is not by your might it is by the grace of Allah and one of the ways to thank Allah is to spread the benevolence among the people.

“I enjoined every Muslim to come and pay their Zakat to NAZAS. If you entrust us with your Zakat, be rest assured it is going to be disbursed appropriately,” he said.