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Cleric tasks Muslims on spiritual rebirth, good deeds


The Chief Imam of Abesan Muslim Community, Alhaji Muslim Nojeemdeen observing 2018 Eid-ul-Fitr prayer in Lagos.

The Chief Imam of Abesan Muslim Community, Alhaji Muslim Nojeemdeen has called on Muslims to turn a new leaf and do away with old sinful ways noting that the month of Ramadan came to chart a new way of life for the believers.

The Imam, while delivering the Eid sermon noted that all good deeds done during Ramadan are meant to seek Allah’s pleasure.“Most of us engage in so many good deeds in Ramadan because we suddenly became conscious of the rewards attached to those deeds when Ramadan was coming. The rewards are still there to earn because nobody says you’ll not have those rewards if you continue to give after Ramadan,” he said.

Nojeemdeen added that Allah has not commanded people to do good only in Ramadan because he promised you multiple rewards. “Allah’s reward system is limitless and it is not bounded by time”.He said the good character people exhibited in the month of Ramadan should not be traded for vanities, frivolities and iniquities after Ramadan.


“During Ramadan we stop all our distrustful attitudes. After Ramadan we should endeavor to keep up with the spirit of Ramadan because whatever gain achieved during Ramadan will also be attained after Ramadan. Do not let your Ramadan deeds go with the holy month, retain it and make it a way of life,” he said.

Nojeemdeen urged all Nigerians including force agencies, business owners, government functionaries, political and community leaders and all Muslims who fasted during the holy month to endeavor to be just in order to build a viable society where every Nigerian would be a beneficiary.

The Deputy Chief Imam of Abesan Muslim Community, Alhaji Muhamad Jimoh Mustapha, said Islam is a way of life that presented the best guide and ethic to be successful in this life and hereafter.“Ramadan has Almighty Allah decreed on us, encourage us to renew our deeds. When an individual renew himself spiritually and physically, that individual will achieve personal freedom. With personal freedom you will radiate the freedom within your surrounding, spreading all over the world. By achieving this you leave a purposeful life in line with the injunctions of Allah and at the same time beneficial to you in this world and in the hereafter,” he said.

He noted that whatever challenges faced by the country is man made. “The economic situation start with you as individual to your home, community and the larger society. If we resolve as individual in a nation and abide by the tenets of Islam as stipulated in the Holy Quran, Nigeria will turn to a better place,” he said.


The President Abesan Estate Muslim Community, Alhaji Mukaila Olabanji Sanusi enjoined Muslims to adhere strictly to the teachings of Ramadan.Noting that, “Ramadan is a blueprint giving to us by Allah on how we are expected to live our life socially, economically and spiritually,” he said “Ramadan teachings should reflect in our life, as it teaches us how to get closer to God and interact among ourselves.”He urged the Muslim youth to go by Islamic teachings, by being law abiding and behave modestly during the coming elections.

“We must conduct our selves as Muslim by obeying the constitutional authority and endeavor to carry out our civic obligation by engaging in all the process of electioneering and ensure that our names are on the voters list and going out to cast our votes”.Sanusi advised the youth to see themselves in the mode of leaders of today not tomorrow, who can influence the state of the nation positively.

“The more we have the Muslims in the political circle the better for the country, as Muslim we are embodiment of good conduct,” he said.Chairman BOT Abesan Muslim Community, Alhaji Abdul Ganiyu Ajibade Aromire, urged Muslims to pray for the unity of the country,and advised them to continue to hold on to the spirit of Ramadan.Adding that the attitude imbibed during the holy month should continue to transpire in all the activities going on in their various mosque by turning out for various programmes and five daily solat on time.

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