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Clerics preaches guidance on the good position of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

By Waliat Musa
04 November 2022   |   2:32 am
In the mood of the yearly Maolud Nabiyy celebrations, Sheikh Sheriff Abubakar bn Sheikh Sheriff Abd. Majeed has preached guidance on the good position of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) with His Lord, Allah (SWT).

In the mood of the yearly Maolud Nabiyy celebrations, Sheikh Sheriff Abubakar bn Sheikh Sheriff Abd. Majeed has preached guidance on the good position of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) with His Lord, Allah (SWT).

He made this known at the yearly Zawiyyatul Falah in Zaria, stating that all things related to the Prophet is special, noting that Almighty Allah (SWT) has made it known to all Muslims to be guided by anything that has to do with the Prophet.

“Anyone we call a Muslim and has been identified with a leader must be very careful with him. Almighty Allah called the mufasiril, about sayidinah Ali and Sayidina Abubakar. He said do not raise your voice above that of the prophet (S.A.W), this is not only in the time of the sahabah, if its destined to go to hajj, either Mecca or Medinah, one needs to be very cautious, careful and guided always with your thoughts, especially when around Raudatul Rosululahi (S.A.W).

He further explained that Raudatul Rosululahi is not a place where anyone can get an immediate fortune, but a place where you can get immediate misfortune if not guided properly.

“One needs to be guided by Rosululahi to avoid sinning against Almighty Allah through His Prophet. God doesn’t know mistakes related to the Prophet, God can catch up with you if you have any Bad thoughts against the Prophet.”

He further noted that The Prophet (S.A.W) teaches Muslims not to support evil, shouldn’t embrace evil no matter the circumstance or conditions and not to have bad thoughts toward their fellow Muslims because making a mistake on a good thought is better than making a mistake on a bad thought.

“Always mind your business, Rosululahi is Raheem, whenever he sees that you are about to make a mistake, he will guide you unto the right path.

“The prophet said, the only thing that would make him happy is to see all his Muslim ummah in paradise and not in hell, the prophet wants us to be a member of paradise at all costs.

“We should be glad that Almighty Allah counts us worthy to be among the followers of the prophet, do not offend Prophet, anything we know that has to do with the prophet, let us be guided with it, If you are guided with anything that has to do with the prophet, leave the rest to Him.

“God should give us a suitable person that will make things comfortable for us in this forthcoming elections, Almighty should forgive us of our sins,” he said.

Also, Hadi ibn Ahmod wuzaza, admonished the Muslim faithful on obedience and love towards one another avoiding the interference of conflict to exist, stating that loving the prophet through seeing, serving and following the Sheikh keeps Muslims moving.

In his words; “if you didn’t see the prophet, at least feel the prophet, let us be obedient, love one another, not allow anyone come between us and shakes us because once we separate, that is when people will shake us.”

He further urged Muslims to embrace peace, harmony and tolerance in line with the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), adding that Muslims should remain tolerant and continue to work in harmony for a peaceful and violence-free society and the ability to build the Muslim Ummah.

“Please try and be kind to one another, let’s be patient with one another. If you don’t love someone, then don’t deceive that person, If you don’t love somebody, don’t deceive him, If you don’t have anything to give somebody, don’t collect what he has in his hand,” he advised.

In the course of supporting one another, he urged all Muslims to support their brothers and sisters in times of trouble, and tribulation and render help when necessary.

“Let’s support each other and let’s vanish in Allah Subhanawatallah, don’t see yourself, seeing yourself is the beginning of failure, once you are seeing yourself and believe you are existing, that is when you start telling your life, so, are we existing? No,  It’s only Allah that exists, he exists inside us, and he moves each and every one of us, So I want us to understand the love Allah has for us,” he stressed.

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