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Dawat-ul-Rahmon tasks youths, parents on spiritual growth


Chief Imam, Abdul Kabir Ojasope (left); Sheikh Abdul Wasiu Oduwole; Sheikh Sulaimon Babalola; and Chief Imam, Ogo Oluwa Mosque, Sheikh Abdul Razak Abdul Azeez during the 15th anniversary of Dawat-ul-Rahmon Zikr Association, in Lagos.

For desired result to be realized, the task of propagating Islam requires sound moral and intellectual capacity, which can be acquired through regular training and retraining. As a result, Muslims, especially the youths, have been urged to brace up for this rewarding assignment, just as parents were also charged to embrace the duty of proper upbringing of their children whole-heartedly.

The Founder and Chief Missioner, Dawat-ul-Rahmon Dhikir Association, Mukadam Abdur Rahman Muh’Awwal, who made this call at the 15th anniversary of the association in Lagos, said the quest for Islamic knowledge and brotherly association led to the forum where Muslims come together to rub minds with scholars to know more about their religion.

He said the society, through the mercy of Allah (SWT) and dint of handwork on the part of the executives, council of elders, missionary board as well as unrelenting cooperation of members, has been growing from strength to strength.


“The membership strength of the organization which at the inception was less than 15 has grown into hundreds of faithful from different fields of human endeavors,” he said.

Muh’Awwal said the officials have mapped out strategies to consolidate and take the organization to greater heights. One of the highlights of the swearing in ceremony was the official presentation of the newly compiled Asalatu Prayer Book of the group.

The Chairman of the occasion, Alhaji Dawood Olawale, commended the efforts of the organization regarding propagation of Islam within the community, urging the youth to be upright in devotion to Allah.

He enjoined parents to take cognizance of the kind of knowledge being transmitted to their children in addition to monitoring their growth into adulthood. He emphasized that Islam holds parents responsible for steering their children’s upbringing according to the guidelines of the Quran and the Prophet’s (saw) traditions.

He urged parents to equip their children with both western and religious education to be well guided on religious ethics and modern way of life. The Guest Lecturer, Sheikh Abdul Fatai Muhammod Raji (Athaqofiy) urged Muslims to repent from bad behavior and stop blaming the government, but rather take their future and well being in their hands.

He said parents should put in their best efforts to ensure that their wards become true inheritors of Islam, and to keep Islam alive in their lives and families.

“Parental efforts are instrumental to inculcating the love of Islam and the desire to worship in the right manner. Parents should also recognize that raising good children could be a source of their salvation in the hereafter,” he said.

According to him, parents must be conscious and take an active role in guiding their children from derailing from the path of Allah. Parents must ensure that children are trained with both religious and western education.


“Your children deserve the right to proper education and upbringing.One of the most important facets of raising children is for the parents to provide them with the right training. According to Islamic traditions, the best gift that parents can provide to their children is training that can help them live as responsible Muslim adults fulfilling the rights of Allah and others.

“In today’s world, it is common to see parents focus on the kind of education that can help them toward building the right careers and in making a living. The focus on Islamic education rarely gets its due focus. Depriving children of proper Islamic teachings can prevent children from building a close relationship with their creator.

“As part of this training, parents should also ensure that they train their children on all the rituals of worship including the five times obligatory prayers, fasting, charity, Hajj, regular recitation of the Quran, and general good conduct to every one.” he said.

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