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FOMWAN, SOJ, others condemned female victimisation

By Shakirah Adunola
11 March 2022   |   3:38 am
Nigeria’s Muslim women organisations have expressed concern over violence and bias against female gender in the society. In their goodwill message to commemorate 2022, International Women’s Day...

Representatives of Sisters Of Jannah (SOJ) during the International Women’s Day commemoration<br />organised by Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation (WAPA) at Onikan Stadium, Lagos

Demand justice for Bamise

Nigeria’s Muslim women organisations have expressed concern over violence and bias against female gender in the society. In their goodwill message to commemorate 2022, International Women’s Day, the Ameerah Federation of Muslim Women’s Organiations in Nigeria (FOMWAN) Lagos State chapter, Dr. Halima Egberongbe, applauded women, saying Islam is a way of life and the Holy Quran is the perfect guide.

“ Islam provides guidelines for men and women with nothing left unexplained. In the Quran, whenever men are mentioned, women are not left out. Even in giving names, the female version of the male’s name is always given. It is worthy of note to say that during the Jahiliya period, before the advent of lslam, women were regarded as properties to be inherited. They had no value and could not do anything or take decisions on their own even on matters affecting them.

“With the advent of lslam , women were emancipated. They are now treated with dignity and respect. Nevertheless, Muslim women must follow Islamic injunctions strictly in everything they do.”

She added that in Islam, it is permissible for women to partake in civil service, health sector, marketing, farming, governance and other occupations as long as she can cope and provided Islamic injunctions are strictly adhered to.”

Egberongbe said,“ This year’s theme is apt and timely. It has always been said that when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. When the woman in a home is upright, the family will be in peace. In any given society, when women are blessed, the society is blessed.”

The coordinator of Sisters of Jannah (SOJ), Hajia Ramat Aliyu, also celebrated women and girl children all over the world in all of their diversities.

She noted that as part of the group’s zeal to break the bias among women, SOJ fosters community service, mentors women to build confidence, and empowers the community through awareness and action on social issues. She added that women play significant roles in any given society that pinches for growth and development.

“SOJ strongly believes that if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. This saying has motivated the organisation to strive hard in ensuring women are empowered and informed as this goes a long way to break bias.

“ To forge women’s equality, SOJ has developed, serves and mentors women to accomplish goals for the nation and also assist members of the community (less privileged), save lives and continue to execute charitable projects worldwide,” Aliyu said.

She advised women to be one another’s keeper as this will go a long way to break bias and free the world from stereotypes and discriminations.

The Coordinator, Al-Mu’minaat Social Advocacy Project (SAP), Hajiah Sherifah, Yusuf-Ajibade expressed her sadness over the murder of Miss Oluwabamise Ayanwole, who was recently kidnapped and murdered on her way from work.

“A young woman, Oluwabamise left work on Saturday March 5, 2022 but didn’t know she wasn’t going home to return to work ever again, no thanks to some callous devils in human skin. This must be stopped immediately and effort made to prosecute culprits!”

The organisation further called on government to bring the perpetrators of this evil act to book and get justice for the victim.

“The constitution prohibits extra-judicial killings, maiming etc. If rule of law fails then, what reigns is chaos and anarchy. Until the government criminalises, prosecutes and brings to justice all murderers, killing in the name of traditions, money rituals rites etc, this will continue till we are ready to do the right things.

“Centuries back, women were good to be buried alive, shared as booty, properties or as part of legacies for heirs to use as it pleases them, including raping or killing as they deem satisfying. One would have expected that with advancements in all spheres of human endeavours, civilisation will come with civility and humans will value one another, but we threw the humanity in us to the winds and behave even worse than animals, for animals do not eat one of theirs,”she emphasised.