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Foundation distributes zakat proceeds to indigents in Lagos


Malam Qasim Afunkun handing over a sewing machine to a beneficiary of Zakat proceeds in Lagos.

A faith-based charity organisation, Muslim Zakawat and Sadaqat Foundation (MUZASAF) has distributed empowerment tools, equipment and cheques to beneficiaries in Alimosho local government area of Lagos State.

The Director-General of MUZASAF, Eng. Olajobi Mutiu, at the distribution ceremony, said the organization is a foundation that take care of less privilege, making them useful to the society with zakat and sadaqat proceeds.He said, if Zakat and sadaqah were paid, accordingly, so many mayhems would be eliminated from the society.

“So many don’t realize that some people are hungry. Meaning, the rich will not sleep with their two eyes closed until the poor are well fed and the only tool which can bridge the gap between the poor and the rich is zakat. He commended the constant donors to the Foundation’s project despite the economy downturn, for their relentless efforts towards the success of the project.


He appealed to priviledged individuals, corporate bodies and social/religious associations to donate generously to the Foundation for onward transmition to the needy with a view of making a society a better place for all.Olajobi also charged the beneficiaries to make effective use of their allocations for the purpose they are meant for.

The Director of Operation of MUZASAF, Giyass Nojmdeen, said the organization is disbursing N1.5 million to the less privileged in the society. Beneficiaries will be going home with cash and equipment like tailoring machines, whipping machines, freezers and cheques.He said, it is an obligation for those who have received their wealth from God to respond to members of the community in need.

He lamented the low turn out of people when it comes to issue of zakat, which is the third pillar of Islam and incumbent on all well to do Muslims to pay. “The awareness in the society is very low; so many people are not turning up to pay their zakat. If we look at the population of well to do Muslims in the society compared to zakat proceeds that was received, you will know that zakat awareness is very low.

“If we have 50 per cent Muslims contributing zakat constantly, poverty will be eliminate totally from our society. Though we are still creating awareness and encouraging Muslim brothers and Sisters who Allah has made it possible to pay the zakat and also those who have not reach the stage to pay zakat to pay Sadaqah”.

He said the organization is assisting the effort of the government to eradicate poverty society by empowering people. “We are assisting the effort of the government on reduction of poverty within our locality so that poverty can be minimized to the barest minimum because government cannot do it all.

He urged every financially stable Muslims to endeavor to practice the third pillar of Islam by paying their zakat which is part of a Muslim character. “ If you refuse to pay your tax the government will punish you on earth likewise if you refuse to pay zakat on earth, Allah will punish you in the hereafter

He thanked those that keep the promises despite the economy decline in the country. “ By giving out sadaqah out of the little you have means you have shown kindness and mercy to Allah creator and Allah will surely bestow you with his mercy.

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